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One More Thing

Came down here to put Star Tropics on my PSP :p That's not what I want to write about though. I was just upstairs in my room, and I noticed that one of my dresser drawers was slightly ajar. Opened it, and something that was in there before was missing. I went to the other place I store those certain things (you're going to have to guess what :x), and wouldn't you know it, it was empty as well. Also, the pillow on my top bunk, under which I have a little soap box filled with rolls of coins, was lifted up more than it normally was. Also, when I took it off completely, a roll of nickels was outside of the box. Strange. I opened the box itself, first noticing that it seemed lighter than normal, and my half-full roll of dimes was gone. I still have a carton of chocolate milk from Sobeys that's long gone bad by now, and I swear I'm this close to taking the thing into Naomi's room, opening it, and pouring it everywhere. I am sick and tired of that little b***h! Yeah, to be honest, at first, when I just noticed that the certain things were missing, anybody in this house would've been suspect, but after I noticed that (more) of my money was gone as well, it narrowed things down to one person in particular. In a bit of fright, I checked my box that, last time I checked, still had $500, and it was still, much to my surprise, in there, and seriously, I'm just asking for trouble by keeping it there. It works for a place to hide things right now, because Naomi expects me to tuck stuff away in unlikely places, so instead of looking towards the obvious (the box) first, she instead looks for less-obvious places. I need a lock on my room. Either that or me and Dad need to switch rooms, so I can lock the door, and be the only one with a key. I did have a lock on my door at one time, quite a while ago, but Dad removed it after too many problems came up from me locking it while he was still in his room, without a key. As far as I can tell, nothing else is missing, but it just makes me wonder. The money, yeah, she's taken it before, so it doesn't come as a surprise that she'd take some again, but the other things, I can't see her having any use for whatsoever. Other than something to hold over my head (figuratively, of course), but I'm sure everyone in this family has picked up on it by now. Hell, Dad confronted me about it a while back, and said "I don't know what you're doing with them" embarrassed and angry-like, so it's not as if nobody else knows. Thinking about it makes me feel so... giddy ^_^ Next time someone brings it up (if ever), it'd be fun to look them straight in the eye, and say "You have no idea... :)"

Anyways, if Naomi doesn't stop with this endless thievery, I'm going to snap on her one day. I know it's really cliché, but I'm serious.

I should be putting that game on my PSP now though. I only came down here to do that, and write a short little bit about the thievery, and look what it's at now :p


k my imagination is running wild and I'm too embarrassed to even ask what you might be referring to.

That's exactly why I'm not being specific. For all anyone knows, it could be the Archie comics me and her have been stealing from each other for some time now. That could explain why Dad seemed rather embarrassed when he asked me what I was doing with them (because I was reading comic books that were probably meant for younger kids), so it very well could be.

Whether that's what it is or not is up to you. Just a little something to show you it might not necessarily be as "bad" as you're thinking :p