Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Tonight Was Much Better

We were actually able to close at 12:55 instead of having to stay open for the last five minutes which was the problem yesterday. Although in fairness, the only customer to come through after that had a complaint about their food, being that their crunchwrap and double decker taco were hard. Yes, they're supposed to be... The first one is grilled, and the second has a hard shell inside a soft one, so I fail to see what the problem is. Almost as bad as some lady calling quite a while ago to say that her quesadilla was flat :B Anyways...

Before I even started, Manoah had me go to Tim Hortons, twice, because they didn't have the kind of soup (at ~8:40pm, yes) he wanted, then he decided on chili instead. Even better, going back the second time I found he didn't give me enough to pay for it, but now I know I can use my Titanium card at Tim Hortons too :3 Not that I had any specific plans for doing so, but one cannot help a little bit of curiosity ^^; Then the first time there some old(er) guy tugged on my tail and I turned around in time to see him smile and chuckle, then another lady sitting at one of the tables by the door asked me where I was working. What relevance does that have on anything? I told her "Taco Bell" though, and the "Ah" she gave in response sounded like "That's not the answer I was looking for but okay", then left. What's more, while standing in line the second time a girl / lady came up from the back who looked almost exactly like Cindy L. At the time I figured it was her, and smiled, expecting to be asked what was with my ears and tail, but as it turns out, her name was Candy (yeah), and she's of some direct relation to Cindy. Oh, and as one last thing, there was a customer in the dining room that was leaving just as I was heading over to Tim Hortons for the first time, who asked me a couple questions, using my real name because he overheard Manoah say it. The obvious one was to do with my appearance, followed by a random question about if I was "with him" (Manoah) which I took to be asking if he was expecting me for something, so I explained that my shift started at 9, and he went on his way. Certainly an unusual way to word that question, but I'm probably over-thinking it too much. Paranoia is fun <3

Finally, just before I go to bed (because I have to be up at 1 to go to Heart and Stroke and there isn't anything else I want to write about right now), looking at my friends page earlier led me to decide I want to play Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and as such, I went looking for a torrent of / for it. The one I'm downloading right now is actually a collection of just over 500 PSP games, with a total size of 211GB. Cutting that down to the single game I want makes it a mere 656MB, but my first reaction to that amount there was "That really is alot to be downloading", but considering that last week alone I ended up with 11.8GB of new stuff on my torrents partition, perhaps I should rethink that. Oh, but while it's on my mind, if you happen to be reading this Cola, and Madius remembers what I'm talking about, I never have downloaded anything via torrent at your place. The largest thing I went for was a DS ROM for Cooper the first or second time I took the train up there, and that was ~30MB.

Well actually, I lied.
Life: Your life rating is a score of the sum total of your life, and accounts for how satisfied, successful, balanced, capable, valuable, and happy you are. The quiz attempts to put a number on the summation of all of these things, based on your answers. Your life score leaves room for improvement. You can make changes to improve your trouble areas, and this will bring you greater satisfaction. Focus on your weakest points and set about to change them. Do not delay your happiness and success.

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I do have a few thoughts about some of those, but they can wait 'till tomorrow.

Now I'm going to bed~

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