Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Apples and Cheese :3

Perhaps a rather unusual combination, but that's what my snack ended up being last night, because I found a link to a "recipe" with them while talking to DJ a while ago. Well, he mentioned liking both cheese and apples, and I thought it would be amusing if there was something online that required both of them, and there was~ Next time, however, I'll slice the apples more thinly, because all I could taste was either cheese or apple, and not the two at once :x

Also, I no longer have a "5" button on the top row of my keyboard, because I dropped a CD case on it yesterday and it came off. Many attempts to reattach it later showed that one of the little pieces that's supposed to keep it in place came off, but oh well. If worse comes to worse, pushing the little rubber thing down still works, as does the number pad, which is what I type numbers with normally anyways. Unfortunately, it doesn't help for one thing, which is this. I found it with StumbleUpon a couple days ago, and it is fun <3 The song selection is a bit limited, but that hasn't been a problem yet. Not being able to play it with the number pad sort of is, but meh.

Then later tonight we're supposed to be going out to Lucky Inn (or as the sign says "Lucky In") for supper, and we haven't been there in a while, then I might head out to Tim Hortons later but that all depends on how much I eat for supper and what it's like out around 10 or so. That is, depending on whether or not I get called and asked to work, because Manoah was expressing quite a bit of displeasure at being left to close with James and Steve tonight, and they may end up being busier than expected.

Anyways, I have something else to fiddle with now, so I'm going to go do that and see if I can't get it working before I completely give up and try again~

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