Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Hopefully They'll be Here on Monday

Just earlier tonight I decided to check the tracking number for my package from Digimartz at Canada Post's site, and the most recent update was added at 5:33 on the 23rd, which was "Item out for delivery". The only thing that showed up today was a second letter from Canada Trust involving some GIC I "have". Back when we got the main portion of our money from Grandpa's estate I *know* I put a significant amount away, but it wasn't in my savings or checking account, so I guess that's where it went, and given that I had pretty much forgotten about it, it can remain there. So hopefully that package shows up on the 26th, because I really can't picture it arriving tomorrow. The other option is that somebody else took it, but I thought the same thing with one of my tails, and that turned out fine in the end ^^;

Those things aside, tonight, I am very tired for some reason. Talking to Dyno when he got home from work earlier was fine, but now that I'm laying here with nothing to keep me busy I feel like just going to sleep. That cannot happen until 6 though, because part of the reason for being tired is that I've been waking up far too early lately. While I may go on about loving the winter for the snow and being cold, I really dislike it for the sun, because it always ends up being in a position that shines right into my room, which inevitably causes me to wake up. Although I could, just for one night try sleeping the other way around. That or find a smaller pillow to place into the window in order to block out the light. But then tomorrow starts my wonderful string of 8 shifts, but in these past two days alone, I've found myself extremely bored, and almost wishing I could be at work instead. Chances are that feeling will have changed as early as tomorrow's shift, but we'll see. Chatting was more informative than anything this time, but seriousness is just as good as joking around depending on the situation. Unfortunately, things are pretty much at the same point where I've stopped talking to other furs, being where neither of us have anything specific to talk about, and instead just say random things hoping that something will spark conversation. However, most of the time that happens now sees him ask me to open Skype, which at least something different than before. The amount of times I refer to him and DJ nowadays is rather amusing too, but I'm just going to chalk that up to chatting with either of them on a daily basis :3

For now though, I am tired, so even though there's something else I could write about, I'm going to leave it for tomorrow so I can go to bed. Perhaps I'll be more coherent then too~

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