Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Inexplicable Dreams are Here Again

I was at Underground Tattoos again, having screws removed (literally unscrewed) from my back, not by Mel, but by some other guy I couldn't place. Eventually he came across one that was in a bad position (something about nerves), and said he'd leave it alone, and have somebody else take care of it. About that time, I crouched down underneath a table that was in front of me, planning to clean things out from under it, which included at least two bottles full of sauce from work. I asked once if somebody could empty them, then the dream shifted to more furry stuff, which involved an anthropomorphic tiger either swimming or doing something else in a body of water, who I thought had a nice voice. Then I said to myself "I am definitely a tiger because of that right there", then things went back to being in Underground Tattoos. At first I was back underneath the table asking for somebody to empty the bottles of sauce again, then when I pulled my head out, the guy who was going to remove the last screw was there, and let's say this: know how when something is really going to hurt, you try to distract yourself while it's being done? The same was true there, but I knew it was coming, which really eliminates any positive effect it'll have. Despite that, I was told to imagine something that really wouldn't be distracting anyways, and was laughing to myself about that when he started, and it didn't hurt. Then again, if it had, I might very well have woken up and stretched my arm around to touch my back there, but instead it was "Oh, this is slightly uncomfortable, but nothing really bad". Then my view changed so I was suddenly looking down on my back, and could see the small hole, and that the screw was still in there with a layer of skin over top of it. After that, I stood up, looked at the ceiling and said "The bottles of ink will be going on the architecturals", where the bottles of ink were tattoo ink, and "architecturals" was an arched shelf attached to the roof.

What does it mean? I could make a couple guesses, some of which make more sense than the others, but still, dreams are weird :s

As for that thing I was going to write about last night, on Thursday night, Mom, Naomi, and I went out to Staples, and I bought a new laptop. One of these, specifically (although it wasn't that much there). The only things I don't like about it so far are not having any wallpapers yet (for the resolution is an odd 1366x768), and also being stuck with Vista for the time being. There has to be some way to get XP installed, but all of my attempts so far have ended in it blue-screening. Also, I haven't yet decided which programs I want to keep on here, and what ones I want to install and use on there instead, but that's something that will be taken care of in the coming week. Oh, and I haven't any fur for it either, but I'll see about checking what Fabricland has next time I have a day off.

Anyways, I need to get my stuff ready for work, and try one thing on my other laptop before heading out. Perhaps when I get home tonight things will be back to normal, because these past two days have just been almost annoying. We'll see, I guess~

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