Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Rather Forceful Start to Working Again

I was put on drive through last night. There was an excessively large pile of dishes at the back. From 9 at night until 3 in the morning, I was either down in drive through taking care of the customers, or at the back washing dishes. Even better is that aside from the trays, everything was caught up just before the bar rush (which lasted until ten after three), but then all the dishes from line got brought back and other random areas got brought back. Tonight will hopefully go better, in that somebody else will be taking drive through, because I've already had to do that and catch all the dishes up two shifts in a row, and I'm not about to add a third to that.

Mark also came in while I was still standing at front cash, and made several obvious comments, all while I was thinking "I'm surprised you haven't heard of this." Maybe I mentioned it before, but out of everybody I've worked with in the past, he seems to be the type that would at least know what furries are. But after that he mentioned something to Steve about having bought a "power inverter" for his car at Circuit City for one cent (when the original price was 10,000 times that), then Steve said it was because all the stores were going out of business, followed by him asking if I'd bought my new laptop yet. Something like that would happen, but oh well. If the prices on things were really as low as they made it sound, I can see most of the computers being picked through already.

As for today, I haven't been sleeping well for the past couple days for some reason, so when I get home tonight I plan on grabbing another pillow from the spare room to stuff into my window, then move the fan a bit closer to my bed as well. The problem with the sun could easily be solved by simply rotating my bed again for the rest of the winter, but if it comes to that I won't have the will to do so until the next day I have off, and then also, even though there's only one comforter over me while I'm asleep, I still end up being too warm and that doesn't help either. Although a solution to that could be using a thinner blanket, but maybe I'll try that tonight too.

But yeah. Half an hour to go, and I can only hope that tonight will be better. Maybe~...

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