Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This is As it Should Be

Ten to six in the morning, and the only thoughts of going to bed I have are "I really should lay down and close my eyes". The only problem is that I was going about installing a new program about an hour ago which requires NewSID for the "free" version. Unfortunately, halfway through doing what it was supposed to, said program decided it would crash, and there's a little warning right before you click "OK" that tells you terminating it in the middle of it's job would lead to an unstable system. In this case, my desktop has been reset and I had to install all my Firefox extensions again, but otherwise, it's a minor annoyance considering I was starting to think of how to say I've had this new laptop for less than a week and the OS needs to be reinstalled already. James did give me one idea the other night though, being putting my other laptop's hard drive in this one, but that might not work. What specific things it checked don't come to mind right now, but I've read several articles online that say when booting up, XP checks the hardware it's running on against what you had when it was installed, and if at least 3 out of 7 (or something like that) don't match, it doesn't boot. Notwithstanding that, it's worth a try, but I'm not going to bother with that until I've exhausted all my other options for installing XP.

In non-computer related news, I've come to the conclusion that I'm eating way too much lately, and, rather appropriately, found a website with StumbleUpon that, in a few words, said ingesting only water for three days has benefits. Of course, the rest of them come from buying something at a health food store which I'm not about to do right now, but the other thing sounds like an interesting idea / plan, purely to see if I can pull it off. Although, they do caution you that doing so will cause you to have gas, bad breath, be sluggish, and several other fun things, but I can deal with those when they come up.

As for work, it started off really busy, and I ended up finishing the dishes again, just without being on drive through. Around 11, Steve walked up to me and said he'd clocked us out at 2:30 for the time being, but was going to change that to 2, even though we were closed at 1. His reasoning was that there were alot of dishes to do, but after he finished the dining room I suggested he take over line and I'd get them caught up, then also crawled underneath the pop machine again to find two more sour cream bottles, this time dated for the 19th and 21st. Even after all that, we closed a bit early as well, because by the time we did, there hadn't been a customer in drive through for an hour and a half. The walk home was nice, mostly because with the condition of the sidewalks it's amusingly fun trying to find a way to walk at the same speed I normally do without slipping ^^; Eventually I settled on crouching down very very slightly and almost running, which probably made me look weird, but you see me when I'm out walking somewhere and I look plenty weird already.

Anyways, it's now time for bed, because I think the only way I'm going to get tired enough to go to sleep is by laying down :s Also, there will hopefully be a package downstairs for me when I wake up tomorrow as well. A reboot to install updates is also needed, so yeah. Until tomorrow~

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