Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

That's Half of it Figured Out

This does feel wrong. That laptop I bought came with the Home version of Vista, but I do still have the Ultimate version, reasoning that I would go ahead and install it, and find a... workaround for activation. After all, the computer we have downstairs came with the Home version too, and the license for it technically is not being used, but I can see the installer complaining about the product key if I were to use the one off the computer downstairs. So I looked online, and found something that did the job fine, and everything was good for a bit. Then about half an hour ago this afternoon, I got to looking around again, and found something that might allow me to install XP. As such, I tried it, and it worked, but it's saying the product key is bad (possibly because I'm trying to install SP2 with a key for a CD without any service packs on it at all). Also, that is the *home* version of XP, which doesn't support dual processors which is what both of my laptops have, so now I'm downloading SP3 Pro, with the justification that we have an XP license that isn't being used, and also, if I'm not going to be using Vista, however much was added on for that license will help as well. Alternately, I could wait for Windows 7, because it does seem to have a certain amount of promise to it, but I didn't buy that new one just to have to wait for it to be released, and also, I like XP for familiarity, and being alot easier to customize.

That likely won't be finished until I get home from work though, but I should have a couple hours to fiddle with it~ Maybe longer, actually, but upon opening my door today Naomi said there was something hanging from it, so I turned around to see a delivery slip from Shoppers stuck to the doorknob. Of course, I am not allowed to pick it up 'till after 1 tomorrow afternoon, but that's fine. At least they're here, because that way I can tell James tonight to bring his money in next time we both work together, then take care of the other two sometime in February. That's the other reason I want to get XP installed on my other laptop and have things set up as soon as possible. The one I'm typing this on now will be staying here, but that other one will be coming with me, and it won't do if it's still in a half-usable state.

As for not eating, I was rather appropriately given three cans of iced tea just before going to bed last night, but they will be saved for Thursday night, as long as they don't need me to stay past 12. I am rather hungry right now, but that is mostly because of reading / looking at a certain something earlier. Work is going to be the biggest problem if anything, but I've gone several shifts in a row without eating there before, so with any luck I'll be able to again~ It is taking a bit of getting used to though, in that I have two containers of those bold mint Tic-Tacs on my dresser, of which I've been eating one before leaving for work. However, given that a single one only has two calories, I think I can manage to continue with that, but there is one other thing. I still have those individual packages of Koolaid mix on my dresser as well, and although they're meant to be mixed with water, might be a bit much. Three days without those won't hurt though, so meh.

Other than that, nothing much to mention. Time to watch more Whose Line is it Anyway (which has been going since before the beginning of the month), and wait for 7~

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