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Getting There (Very, Very Slowly)

XP is now installed on the other laptop, and the screen resolution is at the proper size. That, however, still leaves the sound, network, and possibly touchpad to be made to work, and that's rather difficult because Toshiba have obviously not released any drivers made for XP for that laptop, and there don't even appear to be any "This *might* work" sort of guides online anywhere. Regardless, it's progress, and aside from having run out of recordable CDs, it's going fairly well. Although amusingly, the first time I tried everything ended up being in Portuguese, so the longest part of the install was typing everything into Google's translator to find out what it was asking. Oh, but there we go. Both graphics and sound are working now. The network driver, however, is still uncertain. It's not even for the same model of laptop, and is downloading at just under 2kbps (and is a 21MB file).

In terms of not eating anything, it is currently in the stage of sucking, in that I keep telling myself "I could just eat one cracker and it wouldn't make a difference" or "This is a waste of time because I don't have that other thing they advised". Also, it's worse at home, because I'm used to coming home from work and making up something to have as a snack. Work was sort of bad too, but it's helpful to keep in mind there that we're not supposed to be eating food for free anyways. Although I was quite tempted to have just one nacho, or a single fry. As for effects, I've had a slight headache since about midnight, but that could just as easily be blamed on work. The inside of my mouth is starting to taste funny too, but that's probably due to lack of food. Breath could be better, but that's nothing new, and I was... "expelling some gas" earlier, which was both funny and annoying because I hadn't eaten anything that could've caused it. Other than that, I'm fine. Not extremely hungry, which is rather surprising, and overall tired because it's 5:30 in the morning right now. The one good thing about doing this is now I can start planning ahead for something special to do a couple days from now. At first I just figured on actually eating supper at work before starting, but now I'm thinking about going to Tim Hortons on Thursday (if I don't get asked to stay), then doing something even more special on Sunday. Pizza came to mind, but that costs more money than I'd be willing to spend right now. Also, Saturday is sort of special, so there might be a chance of going to 7-11 on the way home then, but the special thing about it will have ended about when we close as well, so that makes it not quite as fun.

As for James, the next time he works is Friday, but I told him to bring his money in then, so I just have to remember to get out to Shoppers tomorrow afternoon. Although that way I would have money to go to 7-11 and / or spend on pizza without having to take any out of my bank account, so maybe that'll work after all.

Anyways, I have one network driver to try here then I'm going to bed, so that's it~

Edit:It worked ^^ Perhaps tomorrow I'll have to write a little thing detailing what I did for anybody else having the same problem. For now though, yay :3