Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Windows Vista is Such a Pain

For the decent amount of work I've gone into with getting XP installed and finding suitable drivers for it over the past couple nights, having another problem come up was very annoying.

When I got the laptop, there were three partitions. One for close to 350GB, another for about 10, and a third one that was hidden, at ~10GB as well. Vista was installed on the first one, the second was empty (aside from System Restore and Recycle Bin folders), and the third presumably held the files for recovery, but the first thing I did upon being given access to Windows (the first half hour was nothing but a window that was *always* on top and said "Please wait...") was burning the recovery DVDs. Aside from minor problems, everything was fine until earlier this afternoon when I decided "XP really should be installed on drive C" and installed PartitionMagic. It decided to be difficult though, in that every time I tried starting the program would tell me that the drive letter could not be identified. After booting from the install CD for XP to format that hidden partition (I figured if there was any drive that was causing the problem that would be it), the same message was still present. Opening Windows' built in disk management thing caused the whole computer to restart (which I thought was due to not having SATA drivers installed at first), and attempting to open the partition Vista was installed on to back things up wouldn't work either, so, reasoning that I had everything important backed up on either my other laptop or USB stick, left that partition formatting when I took off for work.

Coming home showed a message saying something to the effect of "System partition cannot be formatted", but it had also entered sleep mode while I was away, so I opened the GUI formatter (right click on a drive and select "Format"), and started again in there. It's worth noting at this point that both "programs" flat out refused to do a quick format, but I thought nothing of it then. So consider that it was started around 1:30, and by the time the "Could not complete format" message popped up, it was quite near 4:30. Figuring that it might still have done something, I tried loading ParitionMagic again, and was greeted by the same message. It was at that point that I finally did what I should've from the beginning, being searching Google for it, and eventually being led to this (check the compatibility section).

Thus, at this very moment, I'm waiting on XP to install *again* (third time in two days), after having deleted each and every partition and creating a new one at a size of 10GB which will be used for XP and XP only. Well, that and any programs that don't give you the option of installing them to a different drive, but so far only Skype has done that.

Speaking of which, I was downstairs washing dishes earlier when Dad came into the kitchen and said "I've been informed you have a phone in your room...". Umm... no. I have a microphone, which I've been using entirely to talk to Dyno whenever he asks if I can open the program. So there are two options. One is that he's actually figured out how to log into his account on Sympatico's site (something I haven't even tried to do) and there's a message of some sort about it there, or Naomi / Adam / somebody else sticking their nose into what I'm doing has been telling him that I've been talking to somebody else in my room. I'm going with the second option right now, because Adam has Skype installed on the computer downstairs too, and there's a very good chance he was using it before I started. Of course, he (Dad) would not tell me why he was asking, but after explaining that it was a microphone I had, said "Okay. Thank you" in a sort of curt way, then left to pick Adam up from work.

As for picking that package up, it was indeed those R4DSes and my Ezflash, but whoever packaged them must think they're clever. Instead of having it in the box like Adam's and mine were, they shipped everything loose in the envelope, with collapsed boxes included that I had to fold myself. They're all ready to go now though, but it was still unexpected, in an amusing sort of way.

Anyways, XP requires attention now, so I'm going to take care of it then head to bed. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to post an entry from it without having to say "This still has to be done before I start installing things". Hopefully ^^;~

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