Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Viruses, Too

Just "virus" if you want to be correct, but yeah. Aside from a couple minor things (cleaning up start menu, configuring Pidgin, etc., and applying a wallpaper), everything is now set on this new laptop. Partitions have been made (there's now 300GB of space for programs and games instead of 40), usual programs installed, and certain programs reconfigured. However, it was during the install last night that I noticed a problem. Upon trying plugging my USB stick in and trying to open it from My Computer, a message informed me that "c:\resycled\ntldr.com is not a valid Win32 application". However, taking it out and putting it back in then choosing "Open to View Files" from the window that popped up worked fine, so I thought nothing of it thinking it must've been part of XP's install that went wrong. Skip ahead to this afternoon, and it started to bother me, so I looked on Google, and found that it was a virus of sorts which placed a file named "autorun.inf" and a folder with the title "resycled" at the root of the USB stick.

Opening the command prompt and changing the file options ("attrib -s -h [x]") allowed me to delete them, but then the same thing happened with the first parition, and sure enough, the files were there too. I haven't yet checked the other ones, but hopefully they won't be affected. For what it's worth, the contents of the autorun.inf were as follows:

shellexecute="resycled\ntldr.com e:"
shell\Open\command="resycled\ntldr.com e:"

Weird but interesting too...

Going to Heart and Stroke this afternoon was alright, but really, really tiring for some reason. Julie was working on more stuff in the master spreadsheet when I got there (apparently we're doing everything in Excel this year instead of PRISM...), but I took over for her, and most of the afternoon from then on was spent with her reading off the printed sheets and me checking the spreadsheet to make sure the stuff there matched, and if not, changing it. Michele also had me make up two flyers, one right as I was getting ready to leave though, which brought up something else worth mentioning.

The first one was done in portrait orientation, and as such, the white space at the bottom of the sheet was slightly greater than that at the top. I said it should be changed, in order for it to look better, but Michele said she didn't care, so we left it as is, all the while with Julie asking if it was something I actually wanted to do. If it was a flyer for *me*, then yes, I would've made that change. Not touching obvious stuff like that looks sloppy and rushed, and even though it's only for their soup luncheon thing, I really doubt that's what they want. Then for the other one, it was done in landscape orientation, and after being printed out, I wanted to make sure it was centered on the piece of paper (we were taping the printed sheet to red bristol board). Why? Because somebody there will notice it otherwise. Julie said something else about how I'm such a perfectionist, and fine. That works for me ^^

Anyways, I have to head out for work at 8, and it's almost that time, so this is done. As for what I did to get XP working with this laptop, that will probably come when I get home if nobody is online or wants to chat. Meh~

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