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This is Why I Walk Almost Everywhere

Time: ~4:20pm. Location: intersection at Lacroix and Wellington West.

We (Mom, Naomi, and I) were on the other side of the river in the car, then crossed over the bridge, and continued driving towards the intersection linked to above. To the best of my recollection (and by what makes the most sense), the lights facing Wellington had just turned red, but ours had not turned green yet. Mom decided to turn anyways though, and some other man or woman driving from the direction of Harvey either did not see us, or wasn't able to stop in time, which resulted in them colliding with the front-right corner of our car. After what felt like a long enough time the passenger from the one that hit us got out and asked if we were alright (meanwhile at least one other lady that was waiting at the intersection was walking closer to presumably ascertain the same thing), then asked where we lived, and I was told to go get Dad, because we were less than a minute away from home (so the rule does indeed hold true). He was either pissed or concerned (or (more likely) both), but took off to deal with things, leaving me to unlock my door, sit down, open Pidgin, and tell Dyno "Today sucks :x".

Mom and I are fine, but Naomi was sitting right where the car was hit, and if nothing else, her hand had been cut by the glass from the window. For interest's sake, there is a picture here, and otherwise, that's all in that regard.

A couple hours after that were spent talking to Dyno some more and doing other things on here, and being called by Earl to see if I wanted to have the night off. Apparently we're supposed to be getting 5-10 centimetres of snow, and that constitutes a good reason to ask if non-closing staff want to stay home. As such, at ~6:30, I took off for Shoppers planning to send out Keilian's R4DS. Not in any vehicle, of course, but I was thinking to myself on the way back that I must be in somewhat decent shape to be able to walk at such a consistent rate and speed even in the snow. So they have that (tiny) package now, and I also have a train ticket to go to London on the 22nd of February, and to come back on the 24th, so it's once again just a matter of time :3

As for laptop things, there is one more problem, but I don't have any desire to correct it right now. From what I can tell, the 32-bit version of XP can, on my laptop, only see 3GB of the 4 that is installed. So installing the 64-bit version would presumably fix that, but somebody from Bell already called for Dad this afternoon, and I'd hate to think it's related to all the stuff I've downloaded this past week, so I'll leave that until next time I see the need to start fresh. Besides, the only programs that would really benefit from having access to that extra gigabyte are Firefox and StepMania (which isn't installed right now anyways). I started writing those directions last night too, but lost everything I'd written due to LiveJournal restoring a draft of an old entry instead, so here they are, for what will hopefully be the last time I have to type them out.

Obligatory (just in case somebody is actually reading this for these directions): the following is for purely for reference. I will not be held responsible if following the steps below causes damage and / or data loss. This is here simply because I was unable to find any other guides of the same sort online when writing it. Also, installing the 64-bit version of XP is recommended, in order to take full advantage of your processor and RAM.

[1] Create recovery CDs or DVDs using the shortcut provided on Vista's desktop. 12 CDs is an awful lot, yes, but having some form of recourse will be extremely helpful if things go wrong.
[2] Move any files you wish to keep to an external hard drive or USB stick.
[3] Place your Windows XP disc into the CD/DVD drive, and reboot the laptop.
[4] While it's powering on, press F2 until you're presented with the BIOS configuration menu.
[5] Select the "Advanced" heading, then move the cursor down to "SATA Controller Mode" and press F5 or F6 to change it to "Compatibility".
[6] Press F10, answer yes, and your computer will restart.
[7] While it's powering on the second time, press F12 until you see a menu asking which device to boot from. Select the CD/DVD drive option, and press enter.
[8] It is absolutely vital that you delete the partition Vista is installed on, so select it, and press the button indicated at the bottom of the screen.
[9] If desired, you may remove the other partitions too. The first one appears to be nothing but extra space, and the second holds recovery data for your laptop, which you should have burned to disc in step 1. This is not a requirement, however, so if you're unsure about it, leave them as is.
[10] Select where you want Windows to be installed, and press enter.
[11] You will be given the option to create a partition for XP. If desired, enter the size of the partition (in megabytes) and press enter, but if not, or you're uncertain of what that means, press enter without changing the value in the box.
[12] For general use, formatting the empty space as NTFS is recommended. A quick format is just that, so choose whichever option you prefer.
[13] The installer will do it's own thing for a bit, eventually prompting you for your product key, language and regional options, administrator password, and setting yourself as a workgroup or domain. If you're unsure of what to select, enter your product key in the first step, and leave the other three at their default settings.
[14] The computer will eventually reboot again, and a window may come up with a message about resizing your screen for appearance. Answer "Yes" or "Okay".
[15] Choose whether or not you want Windows to automatically update, and provide a name for your computer (optional), and for your account.
[16] Almost there. Because Toshiba has not released any official XP drivers for this laptop, I've located and uploaded the few I require here.
[17] By installing those drivers, you will enable your graphics card, sound, webcam, touchpad, and wireless capability. Please note that if you try to open the Mouse settings after installing the touchpad driver, you may get an error. Simply say "Yes" to uninstall the Synaptics driver (bundled with XP), and reboot your computer when prompted. Sound is slightly tricker still, so the steps to install it are as follows.
  [17a] Extract the contents of the .zip file to a folder on your desktop.
  [17b] Hold the Windows key on your keyboard and press R. Type "devmgmt.msc" into the window that opens, and press enter.
  [17c] Under "Other Devices", find the one with a name that mentions audio or sound, right-click on it, and select "Properties".
  [17d] Select the "Driver" tab, and click "Update Driver...".
  [17e] Select no, then click "Next", then "Install from a list or specific location" and click "Next" again.
  [17f] Make sure the only box that's checked is the one with "Include this location in the search" and click "Browse".
  [17g] Select the folder you created in step 17a, click "Okay", and once it's done, reboot your computer.
[18] That's it! If there are any other drivers you require, it is advisable to look at the laptop's product page, and search Google for "[hardware name] windows xp driver", as I've uploaded only the drivers that I need.

Not overly complicated, but still wonderfully long <3

It's almost 10:30 now though, so I'm going to find something else to do before too much more of the night goes by~

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