Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not Much Going on Today

Giving James his R4DS later is pretty much the only thing I'm looking forward to. Possibly the walk to work as well, but that all depends on if it's still snowing when I leave. There are a couple other not-so-ordinary things next week as well though, which are going to get our hair cut on Friday, and on Saturday possibly being called in to work, because Manoah was going on the other night about how he didn't think he had enough closers, and didn't want to ask George to come in, so I told him if they ended up needing help, I'd come in to do the dining room and / or dishes. That was followed by an explanation of why I wouldn't just help them close altogether, and for the most part the same thing I've said in here before.

Although I learned that other managers have thought of calling me in on certain days, weeks, or months past, but ended up deciding not to, because they figured I would say no. During the day / evening, yes, that's probably what I would say, because I don't like working those shifts. At night, however, it all depends on what I would be doing, and, from that, whether or not I'd need to bring my uniform.

Other than that, most of this afternoon has been spent wandering around in Oblivion, because I downloaded it last week, and wasn't able to start playing it until a couple days ago for continuing to run into problems with XP. The only problem with it (the game) right now is that there's really nothing exciting or interesting to do yet, so I've taken to selecting random quests from the add-on packs, and taking care of whatever they involve. Although I really should try moving Project64 over to that laptop, because it would likely run better than it does on here. Meh. That can be something to do when I get home tonight.

Anyways, I might as well get ready for work and watch another episode of Whose Line is it Anyway for now. Maybe tomorrow will be a little more exciting~

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