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Two More Things to Move

At least two hours yesterday night were spent transferring various programs, games, and files to this new laptop, and mostly everything is on it now, aside from Rainlendar and stuff from IconPackager. The timing couldn't be better too, because I'm at the point now where I'm used to the positioning of the enter button on this keyboard, and have to feel around for it if I'm doing something on the other one. The one thing I haven't gotten used to is brushing up against the touchpad while typing which causes the cursor to jump around, or whatever program I'm typing in to be minimized, etc. That's the reason I'd like to find a / the driver for it, but I actually just went searching for one that seems to work passably well, so it seems there's one more thing to upload, as well as directions to be changed once this entry is done. As such, let's get the specific things out of the way right now.

First one has to do with this, which really doesn't make sense. I was willing to accept before that Madius might have a point about me and my tail when going to Wendys or whatever, but now I'm not so sure. *I* am a liability for doing that, yet the fursuiters can go to those sorts of events with nary a word being said? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Seriously, what's the problem with what I'm doing? It's embarrassing? Well fine then, tell me that. Please. In all likelihood it's going to see me deciding to go wherever on my own. I'm all for keeping the friends I have, but don't expect me to stop what I'm doing if you're into the same sort of thing. Or perhaps it's to do with the safety of myself and those around me? For the several months that I have been going out that way now (both here and in London), I've been yelled at *twice*, by the same guys, and with all of a ~20 second delay between the two things they said. If you're reading this Cola, I'm sorry, but while I'd prefer not to post it at all for destroying any chance I had at staying at your place for the meet in the future, this is becoming only too amusing, in the wrong sort of way.

I think about it this way. Back when we were at MFF, I was asked to leave it in the car when we were at McDonalds. The *first place* I went while out on that walk with Noir was a McDonalds. Then with Wendys and other places, there was at least one time Madius said not a thing about it, and now suddenly it's become something that he's not the only one to have a problem with. Things used to be fine, so what's the big deal now?

As for the other thing, I can remember two dreams I had yesterday night, one of which, appropriately enough, features furry things.

[1] The setting was the hotel MFF took place at. That con had just ended, and another one had started up without so much as a moment's downtime. I, however, had misplaced my ears, and walked over to the registration desk to find them. Not only were they there, but my PSP and headphones were as well, which made me feel really lucky and fortunate. However, upon trying to put my ears back on, something started poking into the top of my head. Staples, so I guess their purpose was to hold the ears to the headband. I bent both little points down flat, put the ears back on, and went off somewhere else from there. Specifically, to get food for the drive home, which didn't even require me to leave the hotel, because I walked over to where the elevators would've been, then right down to the end of that hallway, turned left, and there was a fast-food place in a dead-end hallway. After that, I must've moved around enough to wake myself up, because I don't remember anything else.

[2] I was doing something on a computer (as in, actual desktop computer), when somebody walked up and asked if I could help them. They had a bunch of CDs that needed to be run through what looked like a shredder, and they demonstrated what needed to be done by running one through, then wrapping it up in a piece of paper like we do with burritos at work. The CDs remained perfectly intact though, so I'm not sure what the purpose of the device was. Anyways, I agreed to help, and stuck a couple in followed by wrapping them up, then came across one that I glanced at before sticking it in, and saw that it was Windows XP SP2. Seriously. We managed to get to the end of the stack before I woke up, but I never figured out just what they were planning to do with the "finished" CDs.

Also, since mostly everything is on this laptop now, a screenshot :3

Now I have to decide if I'm going to stay here tonight or go out somewhere else (Shoppers was unable to accept anything but cash last night which wasn't fun), so this is done. Except for changing that other entry, but doing so can wait 'till later~

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