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Some Stuff on Games, and More Memories

Beat Star Tropics last night. At first I just planned on doing from the beginning of chapter 5 to just before entering the UFO, but I still wasn't tired after that, and I really didn't want to go back downstairs, so I just played it some more, and ended up finishing it completely. Now that I've played it from start to end again, I have to say I'm amazed that we managed to beat it so many times on our NES. If it wasn't for save states, I'd have died several times near the end of the game. Especially at the large golden-brown robot boss in the second area of the UFO. Zoda (in his final form) was pretty hard as well, but that was probably because I'd used two of my medicines to keep my hearts above 12 (in order to still have use of the Supernova), while I was still using the plasma gun. I started into Star Tropics 2, as well, but I've only done up to about halfway though the first tunnel. I really don't like that game as much either. It just seems too "loose" compared to the first one. That'll keep me busy for now though.

I might have to look into putting RIN back on my PSP next, because I want to play the two Zelda games in the "Oracle of" series (Ages and Seasons), and I do have the actual game cartridges, but someone (I'm sure you can guess who) took my GBA SP. Other than that, the only game I still want to play is Home Alone 2 for the NES. That game was extremely fussy, but still great fun, just for not knowing what to do, then finally figuring things out. All I can really remember about it right now is that the gun you get looked like it shot corks, and then at the end of the first "level", where you have to call the elevator, then defend yourself against flying / sliding suitcases (of all things), how there was a particular way to stand on the ashtray (at least I think that's what it was), so that all you had to do was duck, and there was no possible way you could get hit. Well, those, and then the safe near the end of the game. If you ever played it before, you'll know what I'm talking about :p

Anyways, work tonight. Depending on what's done when we get in, and how busy we are, it may or may not be a bad shift. Right now, I'm predicting either me or Ange will be on drive through (but most likely me), in which case, that's fine. Just so long as either her or Josh, once they get their paperwork and the dining room done, actually work on dishes or other random cleaning, instead of just helping on line. On night shifts, after the dining room's closed, there's no reason to have three people on line at once, so I don't see why that happens most of the time. I do need to bring my $20 in for the Christmas party though. Even if I don't end up going, I've still got to pay if I don't want to be scheduled to work that night. I probably should shave before I have to go though. Josh'll give me hell otherwise. Might as well go do that now.


Much better. I suppose it'd be nice to have shaving cream somewhere around here, but soap works fine for me :x Anyways, a couple more memories came to me last night. Here's what they are:

Church Groups
One involved a youth group sort of thing at the church I went to regularly before I started working at Taco Bell. Everyone else still goes there, but I don't. Yay. The group was called "Stockades". Every Wednesday night, we'd all get together in the gym and play games and all that fun stuff, then we'd go upstairs for a Sunday School on Wednesday night sort of thing. In one of those "classes" we were attempting to build little airplanes out of pop cans (why, I don't know), and about a half hour before our final "meeting" of the night, in which we all gathered into the same room to listen to someone talk, there was something going on about memorizing books of the bible. When we got to the end-of-the-night meeting, a little contest was held to see who remembered the most. Somehow, I managed to, although there's no way I could say them all again now :p As a result of winning that contest, I got my choice of one out of three tapes. Yeah. Remember those? Shows you how long ago this was.

Well, there was actually that contest, and one other one, in which I won a water bottle, but I kept badgering the guy in charge about when I'd get it, so he ended up giving it to my brother instead :(

Next, there was another youth group me and Adam were in, at St. Paul's Church, called Pro Deo. Apparently it means "for God" or something like that, but that's beside the point. At the beginning of one night there, we had a quiz involving internet-related stuff. The guy in charge first asked if there was anyone in the room that didn't have an internet connection, and since we didn't at the time, I put my hand up. He said something about "The only one in Chatham..." then something else about "Well, you can just guess at the answers then." What happened though? The final question was "What does HTML stand for?" I read "What does HTML...", and yelled out the answer (it's Hypertext Markup Language), and along with everyone turning to look at me, wondering how I could possibly know the answer when I didn't even have an internet connection, I got a free item from the snack counter out of it as well :) The only other question I can remember is "What is the most popular internet browser?" The choices were something like "Internet Explorer", "Netscape", "Mozilla", and "Opera". Note that this was at a time when Firebird (as it was named back then) was still one of the more obscure browsers available, so I guessed that it was Internet Explorer, but it turned out to be Netscape. Whatever.

High School, CD Burning, and our Old Computer
This first one took place back when I was still at CCI. One lunch hour, I was up in one of the computer labs doing random stuff on the internet (read: playing games), when I noticed that the cursor on the computer was different from what it normally was. Then I looked at the system tray, and noticed an icon I'd never seen before. It was Comet Cursor. Keep in mind that that version was one where you didn't have to be connected to the internet in order to change the cursor. I thought it was incredibly cool, so over the next couple days, I found where to download it, and finally snuck a disk into the library, in order to be able to take it home and install it on our computer (seeing as we didn't have an internet connection). When I finally managed to get it home, I tried installing it, only to find that it wouldn't work. Thinking about it now, it probably was because we didn't have an internet connection, and thus it couldn't do it's dirty work (it's spyware, if you didn't already know), but instead of just giving up on it, I came up with the crazy idea that putting it on a CD would make it work. As luck would have it, we still had the CD-R that came with our computer, so I popped it into the drive, and went about my business. Did it work? Of course not.

The next thing also involves our CD burner. Back when we first got our computer, everything was located upstairs in Dad's room, just so our parents could easily restrict our access to it if need be. One night, I was just sitting there, and it dawned on me that my Pokémon CD boasted interactive content (stop looking at me like that), so I opened the CD drive, not realizing it was the burner at the time, and popped the CD in. Only when the window that normally came up whenever a CD was put in the drive didn't appear, did I start to get worried about what I'd done. I opened the normal CD drive, only to find that there was no CD in there, then opened the burner, and found what I was looking for. I can't say exactly why, but I was afraid that any CD you put into the burner was instantly erased, so I frantically took it back into my room, put it in my CD player, and was very relieved to find that it still played.

For now though, I think I'm going to play StepMania. Something screwed up in it the other day, and when I exited the program, I couldn't switch the input on this monitor from Analog to Digital, then a couple days after that, it screwed up again, and now the monitor's back to Digital, but all my scores are gone. WTF.

Oh, and before I forget, I also cleaned out this computer cabinet last night. At first, I planned on going straight to bed, but I started looking through the papers that had piled up, and ended up just throwing all the junk out, and putting everything else in a neat pile. Most of the stuff that got thrown out was random junk, such as codes for games that Adam had written down, but neglected to say which game they were for. There were a couple of my old exams from high school, and my art and English final projects. Those got thrown out, because I know I got a bad mark on the art one, and I blatantly plagiarized the one for English :p I also found several of my old CDs, among other things. I also found and threw out about 5 letters from some Stratford Career Institute. I think Mom signed me up for those quite a while ago, against my will, and they keep sending me the dumb things. As long as I get to them first, I guess.

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