Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

If Only Dreams Could be Real ;_;

First and foremost for a variety of other reasons, but before my alarm clock went off this morning, I had a dream where I was laying in bed sleeping, woke up to check the time, and remembered that I had the day off, and was able to sleep in. Then my alarm "clock" went off, which was promptly set a half-hour ahead, and I went back to sleep again. Nothing of particular interest happened in Tilbury, aside from being given a regular donut at Tim Hortons when I asked for a coconut one, but meh. Mom bought more oatmeal a couple weeks ago, and we still have coconut left over from before, so if it really came to it, I could make more of those cookies and be mostly happy. Tonight will probably see me going out to 7-11 in a bit though, because I was originally set on going to Shoppers, but figured that if Manoah does end up calling me in tomorrow night, I'll head there first to get a bag of the crunchy cheesies that they're seemingly the only place to have or something~ If he doesn't, well, we'll see about that then.

As for other things today, aside from chatting for a bit upon getting home, I've mostly been playing Oblivion. Just wandering around from one quest-advancing location to the next, investigating whatever interesting things turn up along the way, and stopping every now and then to search for a mod that enables or can do whatever I'm thinking of. There was one I wasn't expecting though, being a pet shop where, among other animals, you could get a snow leopard <3 However, it was in-and uninstalled within the span of about half an hour, because although it was neat, I don't like having anybody or anything else following me around and possibly getting in the way. Even moreso because I try to make the most of sneaking up on enemies, and having a partner or pet that will fight for you as well would leave far to great a chance of it / them running in to attack as soon as an enemy is spotted :x Solitariness is preferred.

Oh, and in terms of that card, yes, you will hear from me soon :3 I cannot say when, because that would detract from the randomness and surprise, but fairly soon is safe and accurate enough ^^; If I'm going to get out to 7-11 it should probably be soon though, but the first thing to be done is checking if there's anything to eat downstairs. If not, oh well, but if there is, I won't need to go anywhere~

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