Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Well There Goes That Idea

While idly clicking the StumbleUpon button earlier today, a site came up with a list of torrent search engines, the screenshot of one showed one of those popular search clouds, and one of the things in it was "yes man". If you haven't heard of it, look here, and if you have, maybe you'll know what I'm talking about. There is one scene where Carl (and yes, it was quite annoying hearing somebody else called by my name, even if it would've been "Car") plays a song on a guitar he finds in one of the minor characters' apartments. I was originally going to go into more detail, but no. It was one of those "This reminds me of myself" things, and not in a good way. Well, perhaps it isn't not good, but isn't exactly enviable if you can identify with it. And if you have seen the movie, we will speak no more of this. You should know what I mean :x

I had planned on writing a longer entry as well, but it's already after 7 in the morning, so just usual stuff until later this afternoon or something. Went to Shoppers at 9 instead of 10, which was fine except for it being seven degrees above freezing, so all the snow and ice is starting to melt / is melting, which makes everything wet and slippery and is a prime cause of need to walk on the road. They did not need me at work, somewhat thankfully, but Earl was there when I went in, leading me to think that he might have closed. Then on the way home I stepped into a puddle in such a way that the water splashed up to around my knees, which got my tail all wet, but it's clean now. Also, if there's one thing that I think is actually contributing towards losing weight, it's simply not eating at work. Walking everywhere is fine, but Taco Bell food was, before a few weeks past, a regular thing, in that I'd eat at least once per shift, which almost always ended up being unnecessary because I'd have had supper before leaving or would find something upon getting home. So we'll see. I'd sort of like to get one of those ~$5 pizzas from Little Caesars tomorrow night, but that may be better left for my next day(s) off, because I've already had much too much in way of snacks this weekend.

In the interest of being asleep before 8 I'm going to call it a night now though. Maybe I'll think of something else to write about tomorrow~

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