Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Multipurpose Hard Surface Thing

I'm not sure what it was originally supposed to be used for. A cutting board, perhaps, because it has four little rubber things on the underside to keep it from slipping, but it's far too dirty now to be used for such. Also, there is a drawing of some random female figure done by Naomi on the bottom, along with other nondescript scribbles in different colors of marker and pencil crayon. Now that I actually think about it, what a weird name for the things. As kids, we thought nothing of them. Our biggest concern (and excitement) was sitting down to sharpen every one to a fine point the day before school started, and having an awesome perfect set of... "pencil crayons" to show off.

Now would be a good time to say that I am rather tired. It may only be 5:30, but my biggest excitement tonight was explaining to Dyno that he can still send me messages on MSN even if I'm away, so I'm bored, and have more desire to go back to Oblivion than try to get to sleep, but if I do I won't write this, and if I don't write this now I likely won't get to it tomorrow afternoon for playing that game before leaving for work, and I'll have missed another day. Honestly, that really isn't a big deal, but I like to post at least one entry a day, and feel almost guilty for not doing so without a good reason.

Getting back to the cutting board thing, I was originally using it as a mousepad to play Oblivion without having the cursor jump everywhere due to wrinkles in my bedsheets, but as of tonight, have discovered that it can be placed under my laptop to keep the thing considerably cooler when not playing the game. I do still have a USB-powered cooling pad in my closet, but it really doesn't work, because either the cord gets in the way or the wide hole in the back gets blocked off, and there's really no point to ventilation if the heat is flowing right back to where it came from.

Sort of on that note, I ended up switching things around in my room yet again earlier today, so that both tables are now beside my bed, which means there's not only more room for my DS or PSP while it's charging, but also the fan is quite close to the bed now. It was uncomfortably warm in here earlier today, and while things are probably not going to start moving into spring and summer already, I'd like to be prepared. Further towards that, my bed is also minus a comforter, but with one extra light sheet on it, mostly because the warmth while sleeping yesterday morning was such that it was causing me to have annoying, repetitive dreams. Something about Neverwinter Nights, probably caused by having downloaded it (again) several weeks ago, and having more and more thoughts lately to transfer it to this laptop and install it. I also downloaded the new Guitar Hero: On Tour, and am stuck at a song called "I Can't Drive 55" right now because the game always freezes up around halfway through and keeps looping the same several seconds of the song over and over. But next time I have a day off I'll have another soundtrack to look into compiling. That is, if a Wikipedia page has been created for the game.

I would like to have at least a small chance to wind down before six though, so now is when I find something more calming to do. Tomorrow is back to work, but that's only for another two days, then two more off, but at least five on after that, one of which is Family Day which will probably be busy. Hopefully not, but I can't exactly get a week ahead of myself~

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