Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Being Uncertain Has a Penalty

Not five minutes from work tonight, a police car pulled up beside me, and slight conversation ensued. He apparently thought he was witty in telling me I was late because Halloween was long over, and before pulling away said something about drawing attention. I responded by saying "I can't help that", then continued walking towards Taco Bell without further incident, but it would've been funny if anything else had happened, purely for being able to say "Before we get into this, can I at least head up there and tell them I might be late?" A couple women in a van honked at me as I was turning the corner at Amelia and St. Clair, but I didn't recognize them, so aside from turning around to see who it was, nothing much else happened there. Getting back to the cop, the amusing part about that (and also where this entry's title comes in) is that I was originally planning on walking along Victoria all the way to McNaughton, then back down the street from there to work, but figured that since I hadn't taken that route in a while, might be a bit behind for time, and didn't want to get to work late. As it turns out, I made it there with twenty minutes to spare, but still, had I stayed on that same road, nothing would have happened.

On that note, and just because I'd like to start keeping track of these, this is the route I took to work tonight, and this is the way I walked home. It would be interesting to see just how far I walk in total in a given month, and simply trying to recall is quite difficult after more than a week or so. Unless I write it down somewhere, but up to this point, the only times that's happened have been every so often in the past, just to say "I took a different route home from work tonight".

As per usual though, I was planning on writing more but got sidetracked with looking at old entries and thinking about creating a new memory group, which means it's almost 6:30 in the morning right now, when I had planned on being asleep half an hour ago. Other things will have to be set aside until tomorrow afternoon, but the dishes will already have to be done then, and I may not remember the rest of what I had planned to write. We'll see~

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