Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

My Dreams are Taking me Places

Woke up about 20 minutes ago now, but can remember having a certain dream while asleep.

Naomi, Adam, *Josh*, Dad, and I were all were all piled into our car, going where else but to Toronto for the third Islington meet. Josh actually wasn't coming along for that, but I'll get to his reason for being there in a minute. We drove along for about ten minutes, then pulled into a parking lot with a 7-11 nearby so we could get some sort of snack for the trip. I don't recall Adam, Naomi, or Dad going in, but Josh and I did, and walked around looking for something to get. I had just made my selections and walked up to the counter, when Josh rushed up to me in a huff, pointed out the window at the highway, and said "See that guy? I have to count the safe before he gets there". We were giving him a ride to work (in London), and "that guy" was the district manager. Wanting to be quick I ran to the back of the store again to grab a bottle of orange pop (yes, that specific), then back up to the counter, and pulled my debit card out while the clerk scanned the items. When it came time to pay, I gave it to him, from where he stuck it into what resembled a GBA Micro that was attached to the till, then slid the PIN pad toward me so I could press some buttons. I continued watching the display on the thing until it said "Approved", at which point I grabbed the entire card reader without waiting for the clerk to give me my card back, unplugged it from the till, and slid it into my pocket without another word. Walked back out to the car after that, and we were off once again. Several minutes later, I started thinking to myself about when the next time I would have to work was, and realized that it literally was that night, and started feeling bad, but reasoned they would be able to get by without me for one shift, and that I'd just have to deal with some anger and irritation upon going back. Then, however, I had another thought, which was "I forgot my fursuit!" (being tail, ears, and paws, of course). I couldn't ask to turn around either though, because then Josh would end up being late for work, and I didn't want to cause any problems for him. Mulling over those three things for a few moments caused me to have the thought that so much bad stuff couldn't just up and happen all at once, and that I had to be dreaming, so I ended up literally forcing my eyes open in real life and realizing that I had been.

There was of course another unrelated dream after that one, but I can't remember what it was about let alone the details.

I haven't been awake for long enough to have much else to say either. Working from 8-close, then the same tomorrow, followed by 8 - midnight on Sunday, then 8-close again for Monday and Tuesday. After that, I'm not sure because the schedule hadn't been put up last time I worked, but in all likelihood I'll have Wednesday and Thursday off, close Friday and Saturday, then be off to London on Sunday and as such have those three days (at least) off. Oh, and Michele wants me to come to Heart and Stroke on Tuesday next week instead, then one more day before March after that, so Thursday will probably be the other day. That way, assuming I am given that day / night off, I can head home a different way and see if Sobeys has what I wanted to pick up at Real Canadian Superstore yesterday. Well, Shoppers might too, but both places are on the same street. The reason for it is that we still have to use some sort of database system to do the P2P receipting this year, but are using one for which the acronym is "STAR" instead, and Michele wants to show me what will need to be done in it. The other afternoon they want me to come in is so I can finish work on the master spreadsheet, which won't be done unless Julie is there to read the canvassers' information off the printed pages, but Michele should be able to say whether or not she'll be there.

Anyways, I am still tired to the point of yawning right now, so I'm going to try to find something slightly more exciting than writing about work and volunteering to do. Finding a better Rainlendar skin and playing Oblivion are the first two things on my mind right now, so I might as well get those going~

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