Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Work is Going to be the Death of Me

[1] My schedule (including yesterday night) looks like this: 8-close on Friday, 7-close on Saturday, 8-midnight on Sunday, 8-close on Monday and Tuesday, then 9-close from Wednesday to Saturday. Yes, they have me working nine shifts in a row, which I'm obviously not pleased with, especially if they pull another thing like they did the past two weeks and have me work a bunch followed by the better part of a week off. Tonight was supposed to be 8-close as well, but I ended up agreeing to come in early, entirely because I couldn't think of an excuse to say no. Also, that makes the next day I have off with no plans to be Wednesday the 25th. Sure, I do have the three days preceding that off as well, but I'll be off in London then.

[2] Some company that I can't remember the name of was in to inspect the store one of three days past, and, according to the note that was underneath the schedules, has decided that we are quite close to very bad things happening, seemingly entirely because of underneath the pop machine and line being dirty. Yes, it's always been, but we sweep it out the best we can. At any rate, because of that, it is now the duty of the closers to hook a hose up to one of the sinks at the back, then spray the stuff out from underneath of there. As I said a couple times last night, it'll make deckscrubbing a bit easier, but otherwise it's a pain, and when Earl did it last night it smelled rather awful, but that's probably just because it's the first time that was done.

[3] Earl somehow ended up being the closing manager last night, which sucked, but was also quite... illuminating. Number one, feel free to cut corners if you're tired and want to get out of there faster; two, I don't care if you bag line a couple hours before close as opposed to the single hour rule we're *supposed* to be following; three, managers are able to do dishes, if only because James took off at 3 leaving us to clean things up when I had been on line all night; four, if there's food that can't be carried over at the end of the night (rice, for example), and you want to take it, go ahead. Manoah seems to think the complete opposite, but that may be simply because he doesn't like George; finally, towards that floor washing thing, he himself said it was something to be done after we'd closed, and with the smell, for good reason. However, at what had to be only quarter to 10, he walked up front carrying the hose and attachment, and proceeded to spray everything out.

Anyways, given having to leave at 6 tonight, I'm going to leave the non-work stuff for some other time. Oh, and this was the way I walked to work last night, and ended up getting a ride home from Earl because he wouldn't take no for an answer. Meh~

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