Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Something Tells Me They Have Plans

Woke up almost exactly at 3, but before that, somebody had knocked on my door several times, and being quite comfortable in bed (and half asleep), I reasoned that if it was something important they'd keep knocking, or get the spare key to unlock it. So when I did finally wake up and open the door to head into the bathroom, Mom was right there to ask a question. They're all going bowling in about five minutes (it's quarter after right now), then heading out for supper afterwards, and wanted to know if I was going to come along. Told her "I doubt it", then went about usual stuff. On the way down the stairs, Naomi asked me the same thing, then Adam did as well, and there was a note from Dad in the kitchen about the exact same thing.

But no. I am not going bowling, because I just woke up, but supper sounds good, so I agreed to come along for that. As long as we're back at the house by 7 so I can leave for work. On that note, to get these out of the way, this was the way I took to Taco Bell, and this was my route home. Last night was much better than Friday as well, and Dominos called to see if we wanted to do a food swap, so that was a nice surprise too. As for tonight, I'm not sure what will be going on, because I originally expected to be on front cash due to being done at 12, but George is there 'till 11 which is when whoever normally closes the dining room is done. My only real concern is getting the walk-in rotated because it's Family (Pack) Day tomorrow, and will probably be busy, but with any luck I'll have enough time to do that.

As one last thing, somewhere between 1 and 3, I had a dream that was more than likely influenced by having played Oblivion some more before going to bed and running into a couple mountain lions. I was back at our grandparents' house, with an animal that was half one of these, and the other half the cat from the game. As in, two heads at opposite ends of the body, no back paws, and no tail(s). All I can remember it doing was batting at me as I started walking towards it, then jumping up onto a table and curling up on it's back to be petted, all the while purring. It was cute, if a but strange, but meh <3

Anyways, given that I don't know what specific time they plan on going for supper, I should probably get ready now and check if they left a message because the phone just rang and I did not answer it. They never mentioned where we'll be going for supper either, but Smittys seems likely. We'll see~

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