Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'm Through Listening to Steve

On Saturday night he decided spraying underneath all the equipment wasn't necessary, because it had been done the night before, and, in his own words, was something that shouldn't have to be done more than two or three times a week.

Yeah, I can agree with that, but only a couple weeks from now when Sheila stops checking to see if we've done it so regularly. They were able to figure out that we hadn't done it that night though, and while I wasn't told what gave it away, there are a couple possibilities, and also, from what Manoah was saying, Steve was written up for it. Bearing that in mind, guess who closes tonight? That's correct. He and I. What's even better, with yesterday night being as busy as it was, and today being Family Day, it will likely be quite busy. I want to say the two of us are the only closers as well, and one can only imagine he'll say we don't need to get the hose out again because Manoah did it last night and the order will be coming in around 2 tomorrow morning, but screw that. I don't care if he takes off and leaves me to do that and put the order away by myself. If it's not done, one or both of us will be getting written up for it again, and he would be getting in way over his head to attempt to convince me not to do it.

That being said, yesterday night was good for being able to do everything I wanted, even though Manoah ended up getting me to stay 'till 1. Originally he wanted me to close, because Eryn had called in sick and George had taken her place, but we compromised. Sort of. Oh, and I took the direct route both there and back. Was feeling sort of lazy :x

On that note, three things have come to mind since then and going to bed earlier this morning that I want to write about, so here they are.

[a] Continuing with the thus-far work theme, through some chain of conversation last night, George asked me if I preferred to be called by the short or full form of my real name. In truth, I said "Neither", then Manoah asked what name I wanted to go by then, thought for a minute, then said he knew but didn't know how to pronounce it. I told him the short form, then how to pronounce the whole thing, then he went back to the bathroom to grab garbage bags or something. Next thing I can remember hearing was "Hey Kar!" followed by being asked to do something, then he walked up to the middle again laughing saying that my ears had perked up. It's a start, and far better than waiting for somebody to yell "Car!" when customers pull in after the dining room's closed and saying "What?", so yay ^^

[b] Getting back to the sorts of odd questions I've asked before, consider this. Say you have both a rope of any length you desire, and a pipe of the same length, but with a diameter small enough that it *just* fits around the rope. You can bend the pipe any way you wish, but it must always retain the same circumference. Is there any pattern you could bend the pipe in (say, a spiral, or repeated "s" shape, or even a combination of the two) while the rope is inside of it, and have it become impossible to pull out? I'm leaning towards "No", but the more I think about it, the more I wonder...

[c] Random amusing (to me, at least) observation / thought. First, consider that "the mind is free to wander where the body can't" thing, then, in your head, sound out the lowest or highest note you can sing. What happens when you try to "hear" notes higher or lower than that? For me, it just stops at a certain point and you can't go beyond it, which is really weird.

Other than that, it's already 5, so I'm going to post this now in favor of doing a couple other things before leaving for work. It's a holiday today, and as such we're getting paid time and a half, which makes it probably the only shift in this stretch I actually want to be there for. Oh well. Fourth of nine is about halfway there, which is good enough for now~

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