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Some Stuff on Work

That was an interesting shift. Things started out incredibly busy, but then gradually went back to normal.

Left the house about 10 minutes early, just because I had nothing else to do here. The only thing that was done when I walked in was that the pans for line were being bagged. Everything else had to be done. I set about doing the fry dump first, then started working on getting line cleaned up. The first thing I did there was put all the nachos back in the cabinets, put the potatoes in a simple plastic container, and took the pan that the tostadas where in back to be washed. I'd just managed to finish that, and we had an order. Since I was the only one on line at the time, I started making it, which, looking back on things now, was a bad choice. From that moment all the way up 'till quarter to 11 or so, the orders didn't stop, save for a couple five minute lapses here and there. That would've been somewhat manageable if we had people on line that knew what they were doing, but as luck would have it tonight, the only person on it with me was some new guy, who was working his first shift. Given the circumstances though, he did quite well. It was just annoying having to constantly tell him what went on what, and switching in between steaming and expediting, seeing as he didn't know how to wrap most of the food.

Things died down for about 10 minutes at 11, before we were right back at it again. Manoah was supposed to be in at 11:30, for whatever reason. I'm assuming he got called in. What went on made me lose all the respect I ever had in him though. When he got there, he started pounding on the dining room window, because all the doors were locked. Josh went out to let him in, and when they came back inside, Manoah started yelling at him about how he wouldn't let him in the back door. Josh was on the phone at the time, and the rest of us were busy with orders, so it's not as if it could be helped. Josh then started yelling back at him, telling him to watch his attitude and such, then Ange said something, which I didn't hear, and next thing I knew, Manoah was telling her to take him home. He stormed out the door after that, and that's the last we saw of him. He even called later on in the night, to say he wouldn't be in for his next shift (I wonder why), and Josh said something about how he was just looking for his number, to call and apologize, and apparently Manoah said he didn't want an apology. Josh should've dropped it right there. Josh did all he really could by offering his apology, and by refusing it, Manoah made the problem his, in it's entirety.

Of course though, Josh got on the phone with Earl, to tell him what had happened, and next thing I knew, he was giving me the phone, and told me to tell Earl what I'd seen and heard. Earl told me to just write everything out, and put it in an envelope, and that he'd read it next time he had the chance. He also told me not to let Josh see it either, for obvious reasons, but lo and behold, when I finished writing everything down, I folded the paper up, then asked Josh where all the envelopes were. He promptly took the paper away from me, so I figured he was going to put it in an envelope along with what he'd written down. Not even five minutes later though, he came back up to the front and told me that my writing was way too small. The word of the day is "Confidentiality", Josh. Look it up.

The one thing I didn't (well, more forgot) to write down was that from the instant he walked in, Manoah was looking for a reason to leave. How can I be so confident about that? The first thing out of his mouth after Josh told him to watch his attitude was "Well then, I'm going home!" Even without him, we were still out of there at 4:10, so I'm rather glad he ended up not working.

The only other thing really worth mentioning about work is something on my schedule for a week from now. I'm closing on Saturday from 9-5, okay? I do have to work on Sunday as well, but when do they have me starting? 5 in the afternoon. That's not going to be fun.

Anyways, I'm just going to leave it at that for now. There are a couple things I could still write about, but I'm just too tired right now.

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