Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It Feels Like it Should be Thursday

My best guess as to why would be that we went out so I could find some more shorts almost right after I woke up, which is what usually happens on Thursday for grocery shopping. That aside, I talked to Dyno for a bit earlier, and am otherwise being lazy. Tonight is the start of the four 9-close shifts I have as well, but I'm pretty sure Manoah closes both tonight and on Saturday, so I'm going to ask if, should I start at 8 on the 21st, I would be able to leave at 3 or not. The extra time to come home and get things ready for Sunday would be nice, but then again, I seem to be in a set pattern lately of going to bed shortly after 6 in the morning, and waking up within ten minutes (before or after) of 3:00 in the afternoon. Well, I did have to wake up at 1 to go to Heart and Stroke yesterday, and got rather tired at work as a result, but by the time I finished what I was doing and laid down to go to sleep, it had to have been 6 or so.

As for work, last night went pretty much the same as Monday did, except for the getting tired and no longer caring about what was coming out of my mouth again. Oh, and Steve probably thought he was very clever with one thing he did just before we closed. I had just finished cleaning the grill, so I carried the bucket to the back, took everything out of it, dumped the water, cleaned the little tray from the grill, then we both walked up online, where he went straight down to drive through and stared out the window looking for something. I asked him what was going on, and he said there must have just been kids riding through on their bikes or something. As for tonight, if Manoah *is* the closing manager, I'll probably be on drive through, but I could care less about that. As long as he offers to split the floor spraying thing with me, so one of us sweeps and the other one gets the hose out. It's not a difficult job by any means, but just annoying to have to do by yourself several nights in a row. Walking routes for the past couple days are as follows: on Monday, I took this way there, and got a ride home from Steve, then yesterday night, I took the direct route to work, and walked this way on the way home.

Last night was even better for it snowing ever so slightly, but since then it's warmed up an awful lot, and has been raining for most of the day :x Hopefully it gets colder later tonight, but even if it doesn't, I need to get my stuff ready and go see what tonight's going to be like~

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