Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Worst Close in a While :x

The first work-related thing I did was grabbing two bags of twists for Steve, because he was on line and needed them for an order. No night can end well when your shift begins (before you're even clocked in) by having to bag some more twists because you've just taken the last two out of the cabinet. Then there were also only two bags of fries left in the little fridge under the fry dump, but either Steve or Manoah filled that up, so meh. But then Steve left at 10, because he was "tired" and "hadn't had a break yet", and sure enough we had six or seven customers come into the dining room after that, which meant it needed to be cleaned again, which I ended up doing (albeit very quickly), so they probably won't be pleased tomorrow morning, as well as dishes, prep, garbage and cardboard, sweeping, and spraying under line. By the time we finished, it was quarter after 2, and as such I got a ride home from Manoah's Mom.

On the good side of things, I noticed Dyno had sent me another message about wanting to chat if I was around, so I set up a pounce to reply (the message had been sent around midnight, and he was offline when I got home), then saw the icon in the taskbar start flashing a little while after that. So we talked for a bit, then he started getting tired, and I decided I didn't want to toast a couple more slices of raisin bread to eat before going to sleep, so now I'm writing this ^^

One thing I forgot earlier was to write about a couple dreams I had yesterday night, so I'll take care of those now, although I only remember faint details of each.

In one, I was back at MFF (yes, again), walking towards the elevators, but went past them into the little hallway through which you can see the pool. However, in the dream the hallway was replaced by the reception area, and instead of a large carpeted section with chairs and whatnot for you to sit down, there was a wall, with a door at the end of it. For whatever reason, I noticed there were no lights at the end of said hall, making everything all dark and spooky looking, but I opened the door anyways, I found myself standing in front of a stairwell. Doing the sensible thing, I started walking up, and noticed that some of the flights of stairs (if that's what each individual section is called) had different numbers of stairs in them, or were slanting inwards and such. Ignoring that, I kept on walking, thinking that I had to get up to the 16th floor to get to our room. However, there was nothing at the top of the stairs. No door, no windows, just walls all around. Then I noticed a small pointed object sticking out of the wall, so I grabbed and turned it, and at the same time instantly knew that I had just created a way to exit the stairwell (from where I was), and also that I could not possibly go wherever I had just opened the way to.

In the other one, I just remember actually seeing myself talking to someone else, and noticing that my voice sounded alot more high-pitched and... odd than I think it does. Yeah, I know, when you talk, you sound different to yourself than everybody else, but it was still weird.

It took me a bit longer to write that previous paragraph than I thought it would though, so it's already 5:30, and with going to Heart and Stroke again tomorrow, it'll be better if I just go to sleep right now. Should be easy enough too, because although I can't see the snow with my head on the pillow, I can still hear the wind outside, and it's blowing rather strongly <3 Then again, if I'm asleep I won't be able to hear or see anything outside (at least consciously), but oh well~

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