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Amazing how these things happen...

I was at Taco Bell about an hour ago now getting supper, and while I was waiting for my food, Earl (who was expediting), turned around and asked me if I worked this Sunday. I told him yes, then he asked if I worked tonight. I said yes again, and he asked me if I'd be able to come in late. I made up something about how I wouldn't be able to, because Mom would have the van for work at that time, so he just said that if I'd be able to be in any sooner than 9, that it'd help. At first I didn't have any plans to go in early, even after talking to him, but then Josh stopped by a couple minutes ago, to drop off his DS. He lost his charger somewhere, as I said before, so I told him I'd charge it, and give it back next time we worked together. It's upstairs in my room right now, and I can't see there being any reason it shouldn't have a reasonable amount of battery power by the time I have to leave. Unfortunately, while he was here, he asked me if I'd come in for 8 as well. Apparently Ange has chickened / backed / opted out for her shift tonight. Screw her too. Now we're left with the same crew as last night. Me, Josh, Kevin, and Steve (the new guy). I can't see any reason why we shouldn't be fine with that crew, but it's just annoying to see Ange, or any other person that does what she did, just decide not to come in.

Thinking about it though, last night, Josh told me that there was no way we'd be getting out of there early, and yet everything was done at 4:10. That's all because me Josh and Kevin know what we're doing, and thus can get things done quickly, and it even more emphasizes what's going to happen once Kevin actually leaves. Training the new people will be, for the most part, fun, just so long as they start on drive through, and work their way up from there. Not like what's going on right now, where they get stuck on line right off the bat. I know I've said it at least once before, but when I started, I worked drive through cash for my first night, while Josh took orders, and after that, I was on it by myself, except for about a week's worth of shifts where Josh came down and started taking orders for the bar rush. I was on drive through for a long time after that, before finally, I was brought on line for part of a supper rush, to stuff. From there, I managed to learn what went on what, then how to wrap the various items, then made my way up to steaming a couple orders at a time, and that brings us up to where we are right now.

As for tonight, Josh doesn't know who's going to be on what yet, but I hope we'll be switching around throughout the shift. Last night, I was on line from 9 - 1 in the morning, then went on drive through for the last three hours. That worked, although what really needs to happen is we need to switch positions every couple hours. As for Steve, I don't know, because he really doesn't know how to do much besides stuffing and front cash yet :\ Then again, he's got to learn the other positions sometime. He should be able to learn drive through without too much difficulty, because he has been on front cash already. For how long, and for how many orders, I don't know, but as long as he's got even a basic grasp of all the buttons on the till, he should be able to figure things out. If it comes to it, one of the people on line could wear a headset as well, just to listen for anything he might have trouble with.

Hell, at very worst, he could just be sent back to do dishes, and the other three of us could hold down line, drive through, and whatever else. Of course, I can't see that happening except for in a "We have no other choice" sort of situation, but those are more common than you might think.

Heh. Reminds me of one order I took when I was still fairly new to drive through. Some guy ordered about 4 combos, and wanted chili cheese fries in all of them, and I had no clue how to do that, so I charged him for a whole bunch of chili :p One of the other people who were working fixed that for me though. Well, there's that, and the couple people that just rattled off their orders without waiting for an "Okay. Anything else?" queue. It's worth mentioning that the only people that do that are the ones who have $30.00 and up orders, so one would assume they're just embarrassed to be ordering so much food :3

There's actually one other thing about work that comes to mind right now. Josh told us last night that Mark's going to become a manager in the near future. Interesting. I just have to wonder what sort of shifts he'll be working. Right now he's more a supper person, except for the occasional night where we need him, so chances are that's going to stay pretty much the same. He is a pretty cool guy, and fun to work with, so he should be a good manager. Just so long as he doesn't start the same thing Ange is doing right now. Apparently she only wants to work either one weekend or night shift a month, which is just stupid.

So there's that, Manoah's dead set on getting Josh fired, Megan's leaving us in a couple weeks as well, and the rest of us are going to have to figure out some way to manage with everything else that's going on. Fun.

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