Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Earl Gets Irritating Quickly

I left for work at 7 last night, intending to walk a bit further and go to Shoppers as well to check how much it would be to send a rather large box to the states as well as to pick a couple other things up. Instead of going straight there though, I stopped by work first to drop off my uniform. No sooner than I'd walked in sight of front cash, and Steve more or less told me "Change into your uniform right now so you can start at 8" and Earl said the same sort of thing. I explained having plans to go to Shoppers, then was given this sort of "Screw you" look by Steve, and was told by Earl to "Be quick about it then". *No*. I don't care if it *is* really busy. Don't think you're going to dictate when I start working when I'm not supposed to be clocked in until 9. In the end, I said "Stop, Earl", then went over to Shoppers, then back to Taco Bell, and started at 8. The most interesting part of it was that they had the schedule changed so that I was to start then too, but I've been told more than one time in the past that if they want to change your schedule on the same day of the shift in question, they need to call you first, and if they did, it was after I had left the house.

Work itself from then on got better as the night went on, and I'm very, very glad Eryn called in and Brandon took her place. Everybody else seems to have some thing against him for not doing the dishes (most of the time, anyways), but I think he's pretty cool and fun to work with. Unfortunately, I did not get to try my dumping water under line and scrubbing it instead of getting the hose out idea because they were much busier earlier during the day, and as such the floors were a mess. Still, it could be a good thing, because doing it repetitively will eventually see it getting done in, say, half an hour instead of 40 minutes.

Fixing George's PSP didn't really work as expected, because he wasn't there last night, but he does work tonight, so I may very well end up leaving at 7 again, because if and when Dyno and I have a chance to chat today, he still has to leave for work at 6, and I haven't any particular plans (yet) after that. As for checking how much it would be to send that box out, I hope to do so tomorrow, because the post office part of Shoppers closes at 5 (I think), and by the time I got there last night it was about 7:30 :x All I know is it's about 2.5'×2'×1.5', and weighs about five pounds. The lengths were determined by "measuring" it with one of my tails, and the weight is a guess based purely on how much five pounds of beef from work weighs, so yeah ^^;

As for other things tomorrow, I plan on waking up around noon, then going to Shoppers for the purpose detailed above and to pick up a snack for the train ride. The only worrisome thing is that there's supposed to be fifteen centimetres of snow coming tonight, which I can only hope doesn't affect the train(s) tomorrow. Other than that, the list of things I need to pack is already typed up in Notepad, so it's just a simple matter of getting them together tomorrow morning. For now though, it's time to find something else to do~

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