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Karadur Inacu 

Fifteen Minutes Well Spent :x

I'm on the train to London right now, and just finished "fixing" my laptop. I pulled it out almost as soon as I got on and found a seat, but neither the keyboard nor touchpad would respond once the welcome screen showed up. Several reboots (and connecting my wireless mouse) later, I tried using System Restore to go back to the point before I installed the driver for the webcam (XP apparently has one built in anyways), and it's thankfully working now. Yeah, I could've used the on-screen keyboard if it came to it, but that would take forever to type even this first paragraph with :s

Anyways, last night was... interesting. From my point of view, it's a perfect example of having to work hard for fun, but from George and Manoah's perspectives, it was...

First of all, on the good side of things, George was walking in at pretty much the same time I was, so I waved to him, then pulled out my old PSP to show that I had brought it, then we went into the dining room, sat down, and watched interestedly at all the "flashing [filename]" messages scrolling across his PSP's screen. It's fixed now, although it took a good seven seconds to power on, so I thought I had bricked it at first ;_; Also, the "username" was still "Karadur", but he replaced it with "graveyard" or something to that effect without saying another word. He was, however, a bit upset at the prospect of having to download all his music and homebrew games again, but that's his own fault, because he formatted his memory stick to turn it into the "magic" one without backing everything up first :B

As for what sucked about the night, for one, it was really busy from 11:00 on. Sure, they *wanted* us to do $3,700 (for the whole day), and we probably did about seven hundred dollars less than that, but it was still busy. I was on line by myself for most of the night, much to Manoah's dismay, because he kept asking if I needed help when I wanted him to work on prep or cleaning the floors. Better yet is that the average price of orders was over $20. They were pretty much nonstop too, except for a couple five or ten minute breaks here and there, which led to us eventually running out of chili and not having enough beef to make another one, and thus substituting red sauce for the chili mix ^^; Nobody called back though, so meh.

The other two bad (but hilariously funny) parts of the night came about as Manoah was cleaning the floors. One of the things he likes to do is splash straight floor cleaner on the floor, which he did last night, but then still had some left in the bottle that wouldn't come out, and... "improvised" a way to empty the container. He dumped a bit of very hot (at least 100 degrees) water in it, then put the cap on, and shook it for a while. After a certain point, the bottle started to distend, so, from what I remember, he thought "I should take the cap off" and attempted to. All I heard from up on line was this loud popping noise, then him screaming. So much pressure had built up in the bottle that when he unscrewed the cap, it flew off somewhere (we never did find it), and sent bubbles flying everywhere in the middle ^^

The second thing is when I've sprayed the floors off the past couple nights before that, the attachment for the hose kept popping off, which meant I had to go up to drive through and turn the faucet off to screw the thing back on. Thankfully, all the times that's happened to me, the water just ended up dropping on the floor, but once again, Manoah does things a bit... differently. To keep the hose out of the way, he put it up on the counter we give food to customers in the dining room over, and sure enough, the sprayer popped off, and he didn't think to turn the water off until well after the dining room had been flooded ;_; So in short, the entire store got deckscrubbed last night, from the usual line, drive through, and the middle, to the back (George did that to get everything out from under the silver freezers), to the dining room as well, and even a small bit of the sidewalk out back.

On a less-busy night those things wouldn't have been a big deal, but not only was it, as I've already said, really busy last night, but Earl or Shelia or somebody also called James and told him not to come in for his shift, then lied to Manoah and said he'd called in sick. To think I have to close with that guy (Earl) next weekend *sighs*

Anyways, we're about 15 minutes from London now, so I'm going to pack this up and busy myself with PSPRevolution or something. Hopefully next time I turn it on, the keyboard and mouse actually work~

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