Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Feels Sort of Wrong

There's a list of stuff on the board in the kitchen that needs to be done before the meet tonight, on which the items are washing dishes, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping, where the last one has a little arrow and "very important" written beside it. Sammy washed the dishes, then asked me to vacuum because he had to leave for work, so I did that, then swept both the kitchen and the bathroom, and would mop, but am uncertain of two things, one being whether or not they just use water from the shower for that or not, and the other being if they put any cleanliness-aiding chemical in it as well. I do know where the mop and bucket are, but that's only one third of the problem. I suppose I could try asking Cola, but he is either at work and busy, or on his way home, because his status is currently set to "Away".

Anyways, yesterday was sort of different compared to past times coming up, for spending a large portion of the afternoon at Deramin & Bob's apartment instead of Cola and Madius's, because they were out until about 8pm taking Eisbaer to the airport, and had a private meeting to deal with after that. They (Cola and Madius) also had some problem with their wireless internet, in that in the span of time that they were gone 10GB (if I remember right) of their monthly allowance was used up, which I can only assume Madius thought might have been due to me, because not even five minutes after he walked into their apartment, he asked whose wireless internet I was connected to ;_; Some unsecured one with the SSID "dlink", for what it's worth, but yeah. Then we also randomly went out to Hasty Mart to meet somebody there (I think I remember him begin referred to as "Cosmo"), inattentively watched part of Speed Racer (maybe not that exact name, but the movie had to be one of the most colorful and vibrant I've ever seen), and other fun stuff like that.

As for tonight, I'm waiting for Cola or Madius to get home right now so I can ask if they have any plans for supper, then run out to Shoppers to see about that box (I figure there would be little to no (if any) variance on shipping price even though the stores are in different cities), and to Hasty Mart again to pick up snacks for the meet, then either to Wendys or Tim Hortons for some sort of supper if neither Cola nor Madius plan to make anything. Nothing much is going on aside from that yet. Cooper is online but away, so I could send her a quick message to say "Just get my attention whenever you show up tonight and I'll give you your R4DS and explain how to use it", but I assume she already knows that. Dyno took off shortly after I woke up, and still isn't around to talk to, and I would play Oblivion or StepMania to pass the time, but the position I'm in right now would make it rather difficult to use the mouse, and I don't have any particular desire to play the other game at the moment. Oh, and on a random note, if the scale in the bathroom is correct, I lied on my passport application :x It says I weigh somewhere in between 177 and 180 pounds, and yet I said "206" when filling everything out, because both Sheila and Josh said I had to be over 200, just because of my height. That didn't present any problems when crossing the border for MFF though, so meh.

I might as well at least put a shirt on and add an event to Rainlendar for when I have to be at the train station on Tuesday though, so this entry is done~

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