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Solution to Keyboard-Not-Working Problem

It had "reappeared" when I turned my laptop on again the other morning, and once again System Restore fixed the problem (at cost of creating more duplicate files). I would like to say that not wanting to waste anymore time, I tried to find directions for how to fix it then and there, but I only got to that last night about an hour before going to bed. However, the problem seems to be fixed now. Just in case I have need to reinstall XP in the future (and I might very soon if I still have the ISO with the SATA drivers included) and the problem comes up again, the steps to fix it are as follows.

First of all, these steps assume you have access to a USB keyboard. If not, navigate to "[installation drive]/WINDOWS/system32", then find a double-click "osk". Substitute typing in the following steps for clicking the buttons on the onscreen keyboard.

[a] Hold the windows key and press r, then in the box that pops up, type "regedit", and press enter.
[b] Hold CTRL, then press "f", and when prompted, type "kbdclass" and press enter.
[c] If the name of the highlighted value is "UpperFilters", continue reading. If not, press F3 until you find one.
[d] Right-click the "UpperFilters" text, then choose "Modify", and remove everything in the "Value data" box *except for* "kbdclass".
[e] Continue pressing F3 to search for all other instances of "kbdclass".
[f] Repeat steps d and e until you reach the end of the registry.
[g] Hold the windows key and press "r", and this time, type "devmgmt.msc" and press enter
[h] Expand the "Keyboards" item.
[i] Right-click on your keyboard (mine is called "Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard"), choose "Uninstall", and answer "OK" when prompted.
[j] From the "Actions" menu (at the top of the screen), choose "Scan for hardware changes" and reboot when prompted.

As for the meet / other days, I wrote a bit about that on the way home, so here it is.

In complete honesty, with going to London this time, the first day was the best, then things declined after that. I'm going to go ahead and blame myself for the most part, for making up plans and ideas of what I expected to happen, then having them not actually take place. The main two things I wanted to do were to visit Shoppers and ask how much shipping to get that box to Dyno would be, then talk to him about it later that night, and also to actually have Cooper's undivided attention during the meet to explain how to use her R4DS. The first thing sort of worked out, because I was given an estimate, but was sort of reluctant to say anything, for having the choice of either being connected to unsecured wireless access points, which the owners of could quite possibly be inspecting the traffic on, or also facing the same problem when connected to the second access point Cola set up.

I mean, let's face it. The minute Madius walked into the other apartment and asked whose wireless I was connected to, he was at least wondering if it was me who caused 10GB of their allowance to be used up. While I cannot see any way for it to have been, that was enough to at least make me cautious about what I did on the new one. I would hope he and Cola aren't the types to snoop into exactly *what* their guests are using their wireless internet for, but that was never explicitly stated. What makes it even better is that aside from me, Eisbaer is the only other fur staying there that I've seen with a laptop, and he would've been on the plane long before Madius came to me, so in my mind, I am to blame, by process of elimination if nothing else.

So there was that, and then the thing with my tail and going out for lunch, but this time I just tucked it away before anything was said, because Sammy was coming along as well, and I didn't want to fuss about that in front of him. Cooper said something about it as well when we went to Wendys during the meet though, being that I had to hide either my tail or ears, because the staff there were starting to recognize her or something. Then again, from another angle you could say that she's one of the other furs to have had a problem with it, because that certainly appears to be the case. It's just funny in a bad way. Nobody there has any problem with anybody else being but as soon as it takes physical form reservations and other feelings start popping up *sigh*

Also, as strange as it sounds (to me, anyways), I don't like going there and just sitting around the apartment all day. I'm not necessarily talking about preferring to do things outside, but guest or not, I like to be asked to at least help here and there, such as when Sammy asked me to vacuum. It makes me feel like I deserve to be there instead of just needing a place to stay and being given a favorable answer by Cola. Mind you, I don't know how many things I can help with, because while Madius was rolling meatballs for supper he asked me to pour some more bread crumbs out, and all I could think after that was "Please don't ask me to do more, because I'm not sure if I'd be able to or not, and I don't want to have to say 'I can't' or 'How?'"

So yeah. The fact this entry wasn't posted at the time it says should be indication enough that I'm writing this on the train, and when I get home, I plan on calling for a ride, because I've run into a certain problem that the bottle of Curel on my dresser might actually help with. After that, if Dyno is online he mentioned wanting to talk tonight last night, and I really would like to because we haven't had much chance over the past couple days, then he made a request the other day that I'd like to start getting things ready for. I have tomorrow off too, but have enough snacks that I bought to share at the meet that ended up being uneaten that I really won't need to go out anywhere, but I still might see about heading to Taco Bell to pick up my pay stub and see how much I made from working 9 shifts in a row. Although that might end up being on our next pay, but that's another reason to want to see anyways.

We're also about ten minutes from Chatham now, and I don't want to scramble to pack things up quickly when they actually make the announcement, so I'm just going to save this and stare out the window or something. Hopefully without falling asleep, but there really isn't enough light / stimuli out there to make you feel that way. Meh~

If you see this, Cola (or anybody else it involves), I don't mean offense or anything, but those are just my thoughts.

I'm obviously back home at now though, and there are hamburgers in the fridge I'd like to warm up and eat, so I'm either going to do that or get comfortable in bed and keep chatting with DJ (he sent me a message earlier), so yeah. This is done~

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