Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Have a Really Bad Memory (At Times)

Shortly after getting home I got into the shower. There's nothing unusual there. Then I shampooed my hair, which is also normal. Finally (in the hair-related category), I put conditioner on it because although I'm unsure of whether or not it actually *does* anything, it still can't hurt to use every now and then. What do the directions on conditioner say? To leave it in your hair for at least a few minutes. I did not realize it was still there until over half an hour later when I laid back down in bed and wondered why my hair was taking such a long time to dry ;_;

In terms of work / getting outside, it's been somewhat rainy for most of the night, but wasn't coming down extremely hard at any time while I was outside. The walk home was completely awesome for the wind and weather in general, so I took a slightly different route home, which can be seen here. As for getting there, I went this way, just for not knowing if it would start raining halfway there :x Work itself went surprisingly well for a Thursday night, and there was no sign of Ramsey even though he usually shows up around 2 (but the weather probably had something to do with that), so now I'm just left looking forward to tomorrow. Why? Earl and Manoah are closing, with Orlando and I (scheduled to be) there until 3. I really, really, really want Earl to ask if I'll stay and close, to tell him a little something. "Last weekend, you called James and told him not to come in, yet we ended up having a really busy night. What's more, you then had the nerve to lie to Manoah and say that he called in sick. Why should I so much as care about helping you if you're not going to give the same back in return?" The only problem with saying that is he will have to ask before I've clocked in. I don't care about being rude or blunt while not working (especially after being given numerous reasons to be that way), but if I say that while I'm "on company time", I could very well get a write-up.

Unfortunately, I've become quite tired again since I started writing this entry, so it's time for bed. There should be at least one other interesting thing to write about tomorrow, but I'll get to that then, and hopefully not forget like I did with the previous entry~

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