Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Unbearable Scent of (Artificial) Watermelon ;_;

Thanks in no small part to what I did in attempt to fix the sink the other day, Dad spent about an hour working on it on Thursday night, then yesterday I noticed there was a whole new plug in it. Therefore, I can only assume he realized it needed to be fixed as well, and finally got around to doing it. Problem is, for the first night the entire bathroom smelled of, say, one of those public ones you find at the beach or whatever. Such was the reason for skipping my shower when I got home yesterday night, but then I woke up earlier (about fifteen minutes ago), walked into the bathroom again, and it now smells extremely sweet and "fruity". If it is some sort of fruit scent, it's most definitely watermelon too. All the others are fine (apple, lemon, etc.), but anything with that artificial flavor just doesn't smell / taste (in the case of candy and such) like the actual fruit.

Putting that aside, today is sort of interesting, because I was not only actually able to sleep in, but we're also having turkey or chicken or something in the form of the full bird for supper. For the first thing, I've been trying to for the past couple days, but always end up waking up a half hour or so before 3:00, and finding other things to do instead of going back to sleep. This past night, however, I laid down to go to sleep at ~6, with just a thin blanket covering me and without the fan going for background noise, because it felt better that way. Then I woke up around 11 having to go use the bathroom, so I did, and was also meowed at by Smokey because she wanted to get into Mom and Dad's room. Upon laying back down in bed, I shoved that other sheet off to the side and grabbed a comforter, then turned my fan on at the lowest speed, and slept from then until 3:30. As for special supper, I'm going to assume we're having it simply to get the thing out of the freezer in the basement. There was a box of waffles in there for quite a while that have now been moved to the freezer in the fridge, on which the "Best Before" date is for March 2007. Yesh.

Finally, work. Sure enough, I make plans in my mind to do or say something in particular, and am instantly guaranteed to not be able to "use" them. The first unusual thing was that when I left for work last night, Manoah was still on in MSN. Almost as soon as I got to Taco Bell I was informed that he had called in sick, which meant that Steve would be filling in for him, and I should start right away as a result. Since the question came from Earl though, I said no, several times. I start early to get stuff done for closing. Not to just help if it's busy. Anyways, when I finally went back to change into my uniform, I took the time to tuck my shirt in, figuring that Earl was closing, and that I'd un-tuck it at 11:00, because that's when all the customers would be gone from the dining room. That assumption was wrong too though. No sooner than I opened the door to the bathroom and walked out, and he pointed to a stack of bottles of water and pop, and asked if I could put them away as soon as I clocked in, then told us to have a good night, and left. I still don't know exactly what happened, but apparently he had been called in earlier that day, and was no longer closing as a result. That, unfortunately, left Steve, Orlando, and me after 11 (Michelle stayed to close the dining room), which means I didn't get to leave at 3, but I plan on giving Manoah a hard time about what he did tonight (while there's a slim, slim chance he was actually sick, I really doubt it) and see if he'll let me go then. There are a couple things I'd like to pick up at 7-11 on the way home one way or the other, but this paragraph is getting far too large now so this is the end of this entry~

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