Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Amusing (and Annoying) Way to Start the Month

It's my day off today, so I really shouldn't be up this early, but I plan on going back to bed just as soon as I write about one thing.

When I came home earlier this morning (around 3:30), the door was unlocked. Unfortunately, that won't be the first time such a thing has happened, and all the past times I "punished" Adam (because I figured it would've been him that didn't bother to check the door before going to bed) by changing the password on the computer and setting the hint to be something like "Did you forget to lock the door?" Last time, that resulted in much pounding on my door at what had to be only 9 in the morning, then him being terribly pissed off when I finally got up and unlocked it. He wanted to talk to his girlfriend, and "If I had one, I'd know what it felt like to not be able to". No, Adam. You don't understand. If you (or whoever else is being negligent) continues to leave the door open, there is going to come a night at some point in the future where I come home and find that the computer, if not other things is missing. Sort of makes me wish I could unhook the computer, and bring it up to my room, then throw the door open so it looks as if somebody "broke in", but that would require me to stay awake and hide in the closet to make sure nothing bad happened, and would possibly invite other problems depending on who woke up first.

Anyways, getting back to this morning, I didn't want to just change the password again and be done with it (because it wasn't necessarily Adam, and I would be leaving Naomi's internet access unaffected), so I changed the WPA key to "LEARNTOLOCKTHEDOOR" (although in retrospect I should've done the same with the SSID), and unplugged the network cable from the computer downstairs. Result? I can still access the internet with no problems whatsoever, but nobody else can, including Dad, and Mom, even though she rarely if ever needs it.

Skip ahead to about a half hour ago (it's 12:21 right now), and a louder, more forceful pounding on my door began, along with lots of name calling. After about 20 minutes (during which the power to my room was turned off briefly) I finally got tired of hearing it, so I got up, opened my door, and had a nice angry chat with everybody. They're blaming me for not locking the door before I left for work, and I still stand by that whoever's the last one to go to bed should be checking it (no extra time is required to turn the lock on your way upstairs), so fine, whatever. As I explained to them, in that case, we're all equally at fault for not locking the door. I, however, am usually at work doing something or other by the time Adam or Naomi call it a night, so they still need to show a little bit of responsibility / maturity and actually check the thing.

As for the rest of the story, I eventually grabbed the cable off my dresser and went downstairs to fix things, where Dad asked if I had the night off, and said if I did he'd set a time aside later for us to all talk about what can be done. Then Adam and Naomi were quite funny, because he was almost at the point of physically attacking me, and Naomi said next time I did something like that, I should be kicked out of the house. Yes, okay. What do you suppose is going to happen if I'm not around to fix the problem? If Dad / Mom are telling me to leave, I'm hardly going to feel inclined to make it so that you can get online again before I go.

So yeah. Dumb things that shouldn't happen around here but do. I have a decent-sized list of other things to write an entry about later as well, but am going to try to get back to sleep for the time being. Maybe I should just reboot the modem for good measure before doing so though... ^^; They'll hate me even more for it, but meh. Why not~

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