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Lots of Things to Write About

[a] One night at work a while ago, we were discussing things that might make it onto our menu at some point in the future, and coming up with names for them. Most of the suggestions were things hardly anybody would want to order (for example, anything with guacamole), but then I had an idea, for a crunchwrap with two tostadas, with, say, extra nacho cheese between the two, or beef or chicken or steak or bean or something else. What would the name of it be? Double Crunch Crunchwrap. Aside from being painfully redundant, it is quite feasible, and sounds like something they would have us start serving. However, instead of that, we're starting the promotion for the third iteration of the box meals on the 9th, which will come with a cheesy beefy melt (which is now supposed to be wrapped like a fajita), a hard taco, nachos and cheese, and twists. At least that stuff will fit into the box better than what we put in them now does :B

[b] Continuing with the food topic for a bit, I was able to try those new mystery Doritos while in London last week, and, to this date, have bought and eaten two bags more ;_; Not good for trying to remain fairly thin, but the chips are addicting. I could care less what the actual flavor is supposed to be, but for having avoided the same brand of chips for several years now, I quite like them <3 This particular thing doesn't have any great significance, but it just seemed interesting enough to mention.

[c] Since last time I mentioned talking to Dyno, both he and DJ have said that I need to visit them several times, whether it be at MFF or at home. I would really like to as well, but that's where the problems begin. MFF would be alot easier to get to, and would be more fun than last year for being able to hang out with them for most of the time, but it's also alot less... significant. On the other side of things, visiting them at home would keep there from being other things going on at the same time, and if I could get there and back successfully / safely would also greatly increase my odds of being able to, say, attend other furry cons without requiring help from anybody, but therein lies the problem. After a bit of searching around and asking Madius (more on that in a bit), I learned that getting there by Greyhound would be the easiest option, but there are still so many questions for that. Just as an example, is crossing the border by bus the same as going by car, or is that the sort of thing where you would submit your passport and other identification in advance, so as to avoid delays for everybody on the bus? Also, he (Dyno) made one request that could only be accommodated at his place, and if I'm going to seriously look into visiting them, I'd prefer to do everything of that sort all during the same trip.

[d] Since I just mentioned it up there, when Madius and I were talking the other night, I was able to ask how he got home from MFF, and said a couple other things related to what we'd started the conversation on, but he had stopped responding by that point, so I set it aside and went about other things. However, before leaving for work on Saturday night I set up a pounce to ask if there was anything that still needed to be said, and came home to see, among other things, two messages from him saying "No, probably not", and also that he and Cola didn't want to kick me out or anything. That's good to know (although it'll probably be a bit before I look into going there again, purely for item c above), and is really nice being able to take care of things simply by having a quick chat. Could the same be done in London? Yes, more than likely, but the odds of bringing things up there are much lower than asking about them in MSN :x

[e] Somewhat related to the furmeets, back at the beginning of the year, I said I wanted to have a fursuit by the time 2010 rolled around. Three months in, and I'm almost completely decided against that idea now. The main two reasons are for not coming up with a satisfactory answer after asking myself "Is it something I really want, or do I just want one so I can say 'I have a fursuit too'?" and unofficially deciding that the body modification route seems much more... real. More extreme as well, perhaps, but compare the number of furries who have fursuits to those who have taken other steps to show everybody "what they really look like"; I very much prefer to be part of the minority where possible. I don't have any specific plans right now, unfortunately, but George was asking the other night when I was going to get the sides of my upper body tattooed, and even though I don't have the money for that either at the moment, perhaps it's something Mom and Dad would consider if I explained both options.

[f] Getting back to things regarding Dyno, he has also said a couple times that it's "going to take some time for me to open up more". I've asked what he means, and all I get in response is that I can be sort of reclusive, and that he thinks I never had a close friend. Towards the latter, you might say that. I haven't had what I could really call a close friend since my interests and such settled in to what they are now, but if that's what he means, I still don't understand. There are several things I haven't told him, but all of them are of the sort that I would be happy to talk about, but only if asked first. Maybe that's what he means too, but I can't see what me saying those things instead of being asked first would change. We'll see what happens when he gets the boxes I sent though (DJ wants the two large ones left over from Christmas presents, and I had a couple things to send to Dyno anyways) because there's a small note in there that he may or may not respond to.

[g] Pictures. Since earlier today, I've collected three to post, and they are as follows. The first is strange images on The Weather Network's page. The filename in my random pictures folder is "fsm weather", because I *think* that's what it's of, but can't say for sure. The second is a screenshot after having changed the common places that appear in all save / open dialogs. Yes, the two drive icons are the same, but that's because they're both the same thing, only different partitions. The third is yet another new desktop picture. It might be a bit... over the top too, but screw that. I think it looks nice, and that's all that matters ^^

Aside from all of those, I've been playing Cave Story on my PSP for a few days now (on and off), and just earlier tonight beat the "final" bosses, and am at the entrance to the Sacred Grounds. Therefore, this entry is going to be done so I can try to get through the third room of that area again, and also because I've written about all the things that were on my mind. I sort of want to go to bed right now too, because I've been up since 11:30 (due to everybody pounding on my door for me to hook the internet back up for them), but meh. If I wait until 6 this way, I'll get an even better sleep, and there's always something to do~

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