Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Having to Go Places on a Day Off is Bad :s

Some quick things because I still need to do the dishes tonight and it's already 8:00.

First of all, continuing what I said about fursuits and such in my previous entry, while I no longer have the desire to get one (too much money to spend on something that would be used very infrequently), the same does not apply to tails and other such items on their own. I just can't justify spending upwards of $1,000 on something I have to wear around and deal with the heat / visibility / movement issues therein. Does it look fun? Yeah, but the same effect can be achieved in other ways too. Besides, from what I've noticed (for the most part), non-furs are alot more accepting and less... scared if they can actually see you. The same applies to me (to an extent), but that's more in the direction of them not being able to talk, and not knowing what to do in lieu of talking :x

Anyways, for the second thing, I went to Heart and Stroke this afternoon, because last time I was in there, Michele asked me to come in on the first Tuesday of March so she could explain the new P2P receipting system. When I went in there today, she was busy taking care of a bunch of kits that had come in, and Julie was gone to Wallaceburg to pick more up as well, so I was asked to just continue on with what we had been working on "last time". That would've been fine, had it not been for certain things happening and stuff being said last night, but whatever. That's something I'm not just going to run away from, and the dishes still need to be washed before I can do anything related to it ;_; Michele wants me to come back tomorrow too though (presumably to go over the explanation that was to take place today), but all I know right now is that if I do, it'll be for just as long as it takes for things to be explained / the tutorial to be given, then I'm leaving. Somehow, the two days they expect me to come in this week coincide with the two days in a row I get off from work, and I'd like to have at least one of the two off with nothing to do at all.

There would be a third thing too, but it mostly has to do with having done more than my fair share of work last night (Steve did not so much as lift a broom to help with the floors on line, even though he was steaming for the whole night), so no. On a completely random note, I just thought to myself "You know what would really look nice in here? If these walls were blue instead of green". The theme of my room was originally meant to be something like a jungle (or so I would guess), but that's both getting rather old now, and it just doesn't fit either.

It is, however, now two minutes after nine, so I need to take this laptop downstairs and start washing the dishes~

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