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Almost a Complete Repeat of Last Night

We were certainly out of there early tonight. I suppose that's because we ran out of tomatoes and lettuce, and it would've been extremely inconvenient to have to open new things of them just for one or two orders. That is, unless those orders were something like three family packs and 6 combo threes, but if such a thing had happened, we wouldn't have had enough beef :p We ended up closing about 10 minutes early, so once again, we were out around 4:10. Once again, pretty good considering the circumstances.

Like last night, I walked inside, clocked in, washed my hands, and had to start steaming right away. The orders didn't stop for about an hour, but when they did, we bagged cold line, then Markie had to leave, leaving just me and Steve on line. Things stayed pretty dead for about half an hour, but then picked right up again. The pans for hot line were bagged, but I wasn't able to bag anything, as I was too busy making orders, so Kevin did that around me, which finished up everything there was to be done on line. Josh had done the fry dump, and was back doing dishes at the time, Erin (a new girl) was on drive through, and Kevin just did whatever needed to be done. Right around 11, the orders finally stopped again, so I took five minutes to rest, then took Steve back to give him a quick tutorial on rotating torts. We'd just managed to get those done, and the orders started right up again. Thank God pretty much everything was done then, because from, say, 11:15 to 1:30, the orders didn't stop. All the while it was just me and Steve on line, and Erin on drive through. That didn't work out too badly, actually.

Kevin ended up cleaning the dining room, and Steve helped him with ice, and I made the orders myself.

Just on a sidenote here, that's the one thing that stuck out tonight. I was able to get orders out faster myself than me and Steve working on them together. I know that's because he's still new, and doesn't know a whole lot yet, but in that case, I have to ask why he's just getting stuck on line. Just give him a list of things to do, like cleaning, bagging nachos, doing sour cream, washing dishes, or whatever else, and have someone that actually knows what they're doing help on line. If he ends up having any questions, he can just ask, and we'll do our best to answer them. Then when things are actually dead, or just down to one or two orders every 10 minutes or so, bring him up on line, and show him how to do things there. What went on tonight did work, and he's learning things at an amazing pace that way, but it just doesn't make sense from my perspective. Oh, and he still needs to learn to bump his boards once orders are done :x

Finally, at 1:30, things died down completely, so we all went out into the dining room to sit down and have something to eat. That lasted for about 10 minutes before we started getting orders again :\ They stopped around 2:15, and another 10 minutes or so went by before bar rush started. Thankfully, about halfway through the bar rush, Kevin took over steaming for me, as I was just getting too tired. Of course, that's what six and a half hours of steaming does to you -_- I know Josh wants me to be steaming most of the time now, so I can get faster at it, but there's only so much I can do.

After bar rush was over, Kevin and Steve started taking down line, while Erin went back to do the dishes, so I restocked drive through, then went back and started cleaning up the middle. Josh said we were closed at 3:50, so we did, and got out of there as fast as possible. It was fun at the end of the night though. After line was taken down, and everything was cleaned up, me, Kevin, and Josh were running around trying to get little odds and ends cleaned up, and all the while Steve and Erin were standing in the middle with this horribly lost look in their eyes :) I remember that sort of feeling. You can see that there's still stuff to be done, because the other people are doing things, but you haven't a clue what to do yourself, so you just stand around somewhere, trying not to be noticed :p

In all, tonight was way too busy, but otherwise, pretty good. The reasons we were so busy is because, as Josh pointed out, it's the first weekend of the month (so something involving welfare is going on), there were several Christmas parties taking place tonight (Adam's was, at least), and Saturday nights are always pretty busy to begin with.

So anyways, me, Glenda, and Ange are on the schedule to be closing tomorrow, so Ange had better not decide she doesn't want to work again. If she does come in though, I know one thing that's going to happen right now. I'm going to be expected to go through a step by step tutorial with her on how to take down hot line, just so they don't have a repeat of Thursday again. For the rest of the night though, it makes sense to think that she'll be on drive through. If not, I'll be glad to take it, because after the past couple nights, it'd be really nice to get a break from line. I'm pretty sure I close Monday night as well, but that shouldn't be too bad, because those nights are mostly dead. Although, Monday nights used to be the best because we were still open 'till 2 in the morning, so most of the time, you'd be able to just sit down for up to an hour, not doing anything, and still get paid for it. Not now, of course, but honestly, I'd rather get to go home early, than have to stay later even without orders.

Anyways, I think I'm going to cut this short tonight as well. I'm not absolutely exhausted like last night, but I still am pretty tired.

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