Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Becoming More than Just an Idea

More patterns that are fun to notice. Last year around this time, Cola made an offer to pick me up for the meet and to stay at his place for a couple days to "let the furriness out". Amusing to think that if it hadn't been for that the whole tail issue would never have come up, but it's been resolved now, so meh. Anyways, about one year later, I'm starting to give serious thought to visiting Dyno, and staying there for about a week. That length of time is mostly due to that if I'm traveling that far, I don't want to end up only being there for a couple days before I head back, and also, we're usually given about a week off during the summer for vacation time, and instead of taking it during the summer whenever they so desire, I plan on leaving a note for Earl or Sheila to say "I'll have more use for this time in September or October, so could it be set aside until then?"

That is quite far to go on my own, but as previously stated, if I can make it there, I can't quite make it anywhere, but my range is certainly expanded. Mostly for going to, say, MFF again, because I would want there to be something that makes it completely different from last time, and getting there on my own would definitely be one of those things.

Anyways, it's already quarter after 6, and there are still some other things I need to get to before 7, so this is done, even if it is a bit short. Closing with Steve and Manoah tonight, which should be fun because Manoah doesn't like working with Steve, but he might as well get used to the idea, because they have me working 8-11 on Tuesday, and only the two of them are closing again after that. I actually have several 8-11 shifts coming up, but am mostly looking forward to the first one, because we get our pay stubs this coming Tuesday, which should include what I made for working 9 days straight, so not only would I use being done at 11 as an excuse to get something special on the way home, but also, the weather should, by then, be enough to be alot nicer for walking a long way home (as opposed to how warm it is out there right now), so yeah :3

That's enough though. It's already 6:30 now, so I need to do some other stuff~

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