Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Incorrect Assumptions are Amusing

Dad just knocked on my door and said something that I didn't quite hear (probably that it's time for supper, but not tonight, because it's stew :s), then walked away without repeating it, so it's fun to imagine what he actually said, although the only thing that ever comes to mind is somebody who I don't want to see is here (Josh would be a passable example, but it's more not expecting him to show up here than not wanting to see him), followed by thoughts of getting up and moving the chair over in front of the door to make the point even more clear. However, given that I *can* smell stew, so he probably just wanted to say that it's supper time, and it sounds like somebody is stomping back up the stairs again to say the same thing, but I'm staying here for now.

Probably 'till 7 or so, because I have the night off, and therefore would like to get a snack or something. It's also been raining since I woke up, so I will probably end up getting somewhat wet if and when I do go out, but I still need to have a shower and shave tonight anyways, and there's no point to being clean if you're just going to end up getting dirty again. Well, not in this case, anyways. Then I don't know about later tonight, but Dyno and I talked for a bit around 5, where we learned / confirmed that those boxes / other items I'm sending to him should be arriving tomorrow, and also that he's rebuilding Bonfire (one of his (fur)suits). It ended up being one of those chats where we aren't able to find anything to actually talk about until just before one of us needs to take off or do something else, which is why I hope we're able to chat later as well, but we'll see what happens.

As for other specific things, there are three this time that I was going to write about last night because I was up 'till about 7:30 in the morning, but that didn't quite turn out.

The first thing is on the way to work yesterday, I had just reached the sidewalk that crosses over the bridge by the police station, and suddenly somebody's camera flashed, which I was able to look up quickly enough to see coming from some van. Unless they're taking pictures of all the bridges they happen to cross over in their travels, I can only presume they took one of me, which is fun. Still, as mentioned last time this came up, as long as I don't see the pictures, I really don't care. There could quite possibly be some floating around that I *really* don't want anybody else to see, because they were left in an unprotected .zip file in my 4shared account for about ten minutes, but yeah. Those thoughts are more paranoia than anything ^^;

The second thing happened at work. It was the end of the night, and I had just finished changing, and did a quick check of line to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything, when Manoah walked up behind behind me, and I felt my tail get picked up, followed by him rubbing it up against my back making the purring noises like when he's done that before. He thought it was "wonderful" that I could feel him holding it, which prompted several "Am I touching / not touching your tail now?" questions, then once with my ears, so that was fun too. It really doesn't seem like a big deal or anything unusual to me, and Dyno asked why they would do that when I told him too, but at least they're having fun with it. George also asked a random question along the lines of, if somebody were to come pull up to the drive through window with a gun, and he were to duck down so they shot me, would I let him have my tail, and of course, my answer was a flat "No". That was followed by comments of how I'd have to be buried standing upright (as opposed to standing on my head, I guess).

The third thing is a dream, and given that this entry has gone on long enough already, it's being put into a cut.

The dream started with Cola and I on some train going to the con. We walked forward and passed by a flight of stairs on our right (so it was a multi-level train, apparently...), then through a door. The right wall of the entire next room was wood on the bottom and stained (or at least clouded) glass on top, with a door in the middle. That enclosed room seemed large enough to be used as, say, a meeting or waiting area, so we opened the door and stepped in, and found ourselves amongst a whole bunch of other furries. I thought to myself that I couldn't wait to find and see Dyno and DJ again, then the setting of the dream changed to Cola and Madius's apartment in London.

I knocked on the door, and opened it to see Cola standing pretty much right there, and he said "Hello [my real name]! Do you mind if I call you [my real name]?" I think I said yes to him in the dream, but then I woke up needing to go use the bathroom or something. In real life though, yes, I would mind too ;_;

Anyways, I just heard some thunder outside, and the rain has mostly stopped falling, so before it starts again, I'd better head out~

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