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That's What I Was Expecting

Looks like I'll be going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow, which might present some time conflict with having to come home and wash the dishes before heading to work, but that won't be 'till 7, and the latest I've ever stayed to do work was quarter after 5 or so because I really wanted to get whatever I had been working on done. Even then, if I really end up being behind, fixing the problem will be a simple matter of calling them to say "I might be a few minutes late tonight." Well actually, the one thing (aside from rain) that could really ruin all my plans is if Manoah decides to call in sick tomorrow night, but he closes tonight too, so that'll give me lots of time to explain why I want to be done at or as soon as possible after 11.

LiveJournal also sent me a couple emails to say there are birthdays coming up on the 11th, but one is for somebody who hasn't updated in almost two years, and also for somebody I saw and talked to somewhat recently, but don't really know / haven't talked to otherwise. I still might do something for them, but we'll see what happens, because both aren't for another couple days.

Skipping to a different subject for a couple minutes, I once again had at least one strange dream this "past sleep", which combined MacGyver and Oblivion.

As it would happen, I was both playing that game, and watching / listening to the shows on the other laptop just before going to bed, so when I did fall asleep, I had a dream that he was in the game, in area of the Shivering Isles outside the castle. He was teaching some random characters how to dance, and I noticed he was wearing a pair of pants I wanted (pants that are in the real game, but apparently unobtainable), so I opened the console and clicked on him, and by the time I was able to type "kill" and press enter, he was standing on his hands leaning towards the crowd. As such, he fell dead into everybody, knocking them out of the way, while I walked up, grabbed the pants, then backed up again. That was followed by opening the console for the second time, somehow being able to type "resurrect" (normally if I'm using a computer in a dream I can't type or spell to save my life) and press enter, followed by waking up.

The other weird thing with sleep came about when I dreamt there were little figures either drawn on or carved into the wall in front of my bed (once again, possibly influenced by MacGyver because one of the other episodes featured a wooden staff with small pictures carved into it), that saw me waking up wanting to take a picture, so I got out of bed, grabbed the camera, was somehow able to turn it on and pop open the flash (despite still being mostly asleep), before realizing there wasn't anything on the wall after all. That was followed by getting up again, setting the camera back down on my dresser, nudging it forward to make sure it wouldn't fall off, then curling back up in bed and falling completely asleep again.

The other two random things are that there's been some talk at work of how we're supposed to be getting our vacation pay along with our regular stuff this week, so I really do hope so. Last time I got about $400 extra, and assuming the same this time, that could definitely be what's used to pay for the bus ticket required to visit Dyno. Mind you, literally *everything* still has to be sorted out with him, but it is called "vacation pay" so I might as well put it towards that ^^; Also, he got those boxes today, so we ended up talking about them and their contents and visiting for a bit, along with answering one "I can't believe I'm being asked this" question, and saying several other things of the same sort, as well as just generally not knowing what to say about some stuff, but it's fun. Fun in a good way, I might add, but a large part is also made of speechlessness and other such things. Oh, and one other work-related thing is Manoah was talking the other night about how his sister brought in a resume, and Earl either told him to tell her or just told her on his own to show up for an interview on Thursday and she'd get a job, so that's interesting. She won't be closing, due to having school to go to, but I'm looking forward to seeing if Manoah starts acting any differently.

Regardless, I've once again typed far too much, and it's almost 6:30, so I'm going to go see about supper tonight. Something about the pot pie thing in the freezer, which I will definitely have a piece of~

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