Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

We're Expecting Some Bad Weather Tonight :x

Regardless of what happens though (unless it ends up being the tiniest fraction of a degree higher than what it would have to be for the rain to turn to snow), I need to "visit" an ATM, because we were originally supposed to be going grocery shopping on Thursday this week, but I have to start at 8 then, but have tomorrow off, so we might just be going then. Therefore, Mom will be expecting gas money, Dad will want his for the internet and such, and I want to know as soon as possible how much I'm going to be left with, because if I haven't mentioned it already, I'd like to at least have confirmed dates for visiting Dyno, then order the bus ticket, because it would end up being delivered by mail. That's actually another thing my Money Mart card is going to come in useful for, seeing as that's the only payment method mentioned on Greyhound's site (aside from paying *at* the terminal / station). It will also be nice to use it for something tangible instead of just snacks from Tim Hortons, but I'm not going to get into that ^^;

Anyways, last night was sort of weird, because the phone rang at 7:30 or so, and Naomi picked it up, then I heard her and Dad argue about how I was sleeping, then Dad telling whoever was on the other end that he would take a message and I'd call them back. Of course it was work, and Manoah was still online at the time, so I figured he must've called in sick again, because he made a few comments on Saturday night in regards to how he'd "shoot himself in the face" because he has to close with Steve. As such, I sent him a couple pissed off messages to say "I still need that CD back, and do show up for your shift tomorrow because I have plans that require me to be done at 11", then left for work, without calling them back to see what was going on.

Walking to work was fun, because I passed by this rather large group while approaching the bridge, where one of the girls in it meowed at me, followed by them all laughing and giggling to themselves, and several steps further along the sidewalk, I heard her say "I like it". Yeah, I'm sure you do. That would explain the meowing and laughing, I guess. Yes, I do have to consider her initial "reaction" was more than likely based on what the rest of the group was expecting her to do, but that's taking it into a bit too much detail.

As for work, I was there for less than a full minute when Michelle turned around and said "I guess you didn't get my message? You weren't supposed to work tonight", followed by "Unless you want to stay and let Manoah go home early." After some thinking, I decided to give him the choice, because I had been expecting to work since Saturday night, and also offering to work in his place made me feel a bit better for having sent those messages. It ended up being a decent shift too, aside from Steve getting quite stressed out / pissed off again. That and some lady that came in around 12:30 to order a box meal calling me "hon" and everything. No. First of all, I don't like you, because you're yet another customer who doesn't understand the meaning of "I'll be with you in just one second, okay?". Secondly, the most patronization I will take is being called "Sir" or similar things.

This will have to be done now though, because I've gotten sidetracked with something else, and have written pretty much all I wanted to anyways~

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