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Just woke up :p Let me say right now that if it's one thing that isn't fun in the morning, it's getting out of a nice warm bed, only to be immediately hit by the stream of cold air coming from your fan (that's on high speed), as well as your whole room being cold anyways because you can never be bothered to close the window :\ I'm quite warm right now though, so that's not a problem. I don't know what was going on in the last hour or so that I was in bed, but every single time I was just about to fall asleep, I started breathing through my nose, and it made this really annoying whistling sound which woke me up instantly.

One other note of interest is that as I made my way out of my room, I glanced into Naomi's, as she'd left her door open, and her computer was on. Normally I could care less about that, but there are two things I saw about it that bothered me. One, on the screen, was Roller Coaster Tycoon. One of my old games. I got it as a Christmas present quite a while ago, and rapidly lost interest in it. I really could care less that she has it now, but I wish she'd asked first. Secondly, I got new speakers a while ago, correct? When I disconnected the old ones, I just set them aside on the table in here, and the next morning I came down, they were missing, so I figured someone must've just put them in the box for the new speakers. Guess where they are though? That's right. The odds of her knowing where to hook them up are next to nothing though, and she knows she can't come to me for help, because she essentially stole the things, so whatever :s I personally would've liked to keep them just to have a little speaker system of sorts for my PSP, but they're nothing extremely important.

Anyways, work tonight. Like I said in my previous entry, it could be good, and it could be bad. The two worst nights of the month, in fact, are over now, so the only thing that could see us being busy is a bunch of families getting done at church, then coming to Taco Bell for supper. I do start at 7, so at least that way I'll have a chance to run around getting things done. The past couple nights we didn't have that liberty, because it seemed that as soon as I walked in, all the supper people were finished their shifts, and were gone without so much as a "Bye".

On a random note involving work, it's going to be interesting seeing if there's still a 6 1/2" tort in the fence outside the drive through window. During one of our little 5 minute breaks from orders last night, I took the chance to clean up hot line. Threw out the old, hard torts, all the empty bags, tidied up the cabinet, and wiped the counter down. There was one tort that I didn't get a chance to throw out, which was way too hard to be usable, but at the time that I noticed it, Kevin had already taken all the garbages to the back, to be changed. In a moment of silliness, I took it to the drive through window, and flung it out like a frisbee :D It got stuck in the fence on the other side, and unless someone noticed and removed it this morning, it should still be there.

Well, there's actually one more thing that has to do with work. Around 1:30 last night, Josh came up with the idea that we were going to get some food from Subway, because all the other "good" places were closed. Since I brought $10 along with me, I said I'd just get a Spicy Italian sub, with just salt and pepper on it. I don't know about you, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that doesn't like all that lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and other nasty stuff. Hell, Steve said something about how he usually got his plain as well. Anyways, once Kevin got back, and we finally got a chance to go sit down and eat, where I was told something interesting. Apparently, the people at Subway (that were making the food) made the comment about my sub that "The guy who ordered this must be gay." Indeed. Congratulations people. You figured something out about me that everyone else that I work with doesn't seem to have a clue, and based on my food at that. Well done. Well done indeed. As for everyone else, they still don't seem to suspect, so that's all working out :) The food was good, although it was on whole wheat bread for some reason (I guess they were out of everything else), and it was cold. I like my subs microwaved, but I never told Kevin that before he left, so that's my fault

... okay. I promise this will be the last thing about work in this entry :p Just an unusual order we got last night. I had the receipt, but I lost it in between work and coming home last night, but I can still remember what the order was, and that'll do just fine. The order in question was:

- A chicken chalupa
- A side of nacho cheese
- Six nachos and cheese
- Three more sides of nacho cheese

So altogether the lady got her chalupa, along with six bags of nachos, and ten little sides of nacho cheese :o Of course, Steve packed everything into one bag, but I was down in drive through at the time making sure that was what the people wanted, so I didn't have a chance to tell him not to. Then the people right after that car were rather adamant about everything in their order only having meat and cheese, or chicken and cheese. They ordered a chicken gordita, and Steve had already stuffed it before we found out they didn't want sour cream, lettuce, or tomatoes on it, but instead of remaking it, I just put it in the bag with the rest of their food. I know we're supposed to be accommodating to the customer when it comes to things like that, but I was more just wanting to get them out of there as quickly as possible. They never phoned back and complained though, so for now, there's nothing more that can be done about it.

Moving on, other things. I don't know where everyone else is right now. It's been just about a full hour since I woke up, and I've yet to see anyone else around here. Someone just phoned a minute ago, but I let the answering machine get it, and whoever it was didn't leave a message. Just so long as either Mom or Dad are back by 6. At least tonight we'll be able to listen to Christmas music. The past few, Josh and Kevin kept switching it back and forth between country and 89x. It is interesting to note that I've seen Josh, Ange, and Steph all listening to their own music, while we were still open, simply by only having one headphone in their ear. I said that I wanted to listen to my own music last night, but then Josh piped in with something about how nobody wanted to listen to videogame soundtracks. Heh. I can think of one song in particular that everyone would like to hear. It's called "Job Nothing Home Nothing Cash Nothing", by m1dy (not a typo). Find it, listen to it (or anything on his "Japanese Mathafacka" album, really), and you'll see what I mean :) It isn't videogame music though, so he can't complain. He might start complaining of a headache though :p

Anyways, I think that'll be it for now. At least until I get home from work.

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