Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

"Not Fit for Man Nor Beast"

I was musing to myself about that saying while walking home tonight, wondering where I would fall. Halfway in between is a good enough guess, but that still leaves me as an exception to the "rule", in a purely literal sense. Since I don't feel like thinking of a couple well-developed sentences to lead into it, this is the way I walked home tonight, and the rain let up (but didn't completely stop) all of *once*. I was dripping when I stopped at Tim Hortons, and Sobeys, and Tim Hortons again after that. My tail was soaked; my ears were even worse. As for my actual clothes, my shirt was completely saturated by the time I reached Keil Drive, and it didn't take long for the same to happen to my pants after that, because the rain was coming at me all the way down that street. Thankfully, I didn't start noticing my socks getting wet / water in my shoes until just before Sobeys, and by that point I just kept walking without even thinking "I've come this far, so I'm not going to take a shortcut home now." The one interesting thing about that picture is Google Maps lists the time required to walk that distance as almost two hours, but I left Taco Bell at 11:30, and the next clock I looked at was on the stove at home, and it said 1:00. That's the same time as before though, and it really makes me feel good to know that a large part of the rest of this city would not be able to walk that far so quickly, even if they could bring themselves to head out in the rain without an umbrella. In no way do I see taking such long routes home as some sort of endurance competition though. I like doing things like that purely for being able to say I've done them. Randomness and spontaneity plays a big part in it too, but the lady at Sobeys gave me a sort of blank stare when I explained that one of the main reasons I was taking such a long way home was so I wouldn't have to turn right :B

Despite all that, it was still one hell of a fun walk ^^ Not so fun upon getting home, because my fingers would barely even work to turn the key and open the door (I could move them, but was unable to squeeze with the necessary amount of force because it hurt, in a sort of ticklish way), and also my body decided that it finally wanted to make me start shivering several minutes after I sat down to talk with Dyno before he went to bed. Speaking of which, there's another thing that's been different with him compared to past friends I've talked to. In most cases where one of us is away and the other has something to say to them, we will have the chance to before having to wait until "tomorrow". A good example would be earlier tonight. I set up a pounce for him to change the wording of something I said earlier in the afternoon, and during that same chat, we both agreed to make the effort to be on when I got home from work to talk for a bit more. So when I got home, I fumbled with the lock on my door for a bit, then came in here, sat down, and had a similar problem with getting this laptop open, but when I finally was able to, I saw that he had responded to those messages. Less than a minute later, he sent another message to say that he had tried to stay up, but was too tired, and that we could talk tomorrow. I was fortunately able to type "Wait ;_;" before he went offline, so we talked for about ten minutes, but what I'm really getting at is the timing. What are the odds that taking such a long way home (for the first time since last summer) would see me arriving and sitting down in front of my laptop just in time to get a message from somebody I wanted to talk to saying they were going to bed? Not very likely, if you ask me.

As for work, it went decently, even though Manoah really was starting to get sick tonight, and wanted me to stay and close for him, but I said no, with the reasoning that I had already informed him of having plans for Tuesday night, and also having told somebody I would be online to talk to them around 1, and really, I'm glad we were able to talk ("we" being Dyno and I, not Manoah), because I needed it. Getting back to work though, if our vacation pay stubs have come in, I was not given mine, and I really hope those 9 days I worked were already accounted for on our previous pay, because I made about five dollars less than 400 on this one. Not too bad, you might say, but Mom and Dad are already getting $220 of that, and the rest is hopefully going to be left in my bank account until it's really needed for something.

Other than that, we're going grocery shopping tomorrow because we're almost out of milk or some other staple food item, but that works better for me, because I'm working 8 - close on Thursday, and don't want to have to rush to get groceries then still have time to come home and relax for a bit before leaving for work. Also, I'm looking forward to seeing how I feel tomorrow, mostly for what I was subjected to on the way home (rain covering every inch of my body, along with strong enough wind to make me slightly uncomfortable), but also because there's some illness going around at work right now which is what Manoah had the beginning of tonight, and given that I worked with him, I might end up being sick soon too.

There are also a couple other things involving work, but I'm going to leave them for tomorrow, because once again, I've already written quite a bit, and it's 6 in the morning too. At any rate, those things are Manoah and Steve expressing displeasure at how one or two of the day / supper staff are always allowed to leave early when it's not busy, despite the store not being clean, and also Steve's opinion on the new rule regarding putting bean, chicken, or steak into hard shells. I have my own opinion too, which differs from what they're telling us to do, but for now, yeah. Work is about the same as it always is, but certain coworkers are highly annoying. Cori would be the one recent exception, because she and I were carrying on a pleasant conversation while I was waiting for it to be 7:45, but I don't see her enough to say she's a coworker.

Also, I need to start using LJ-cuts more ;_; The only problem with those is eventually running out of things to use for the custom text, but I'm not going to put too much thought into that unless I get a comment saying "It's nice that you have alot to talk about, but please, for the sake of my friends page, if you're going to write a long entry, put the majority in a cut". I need to go to bed too, because I'm writing about weird things, and am not going to stop until I find some fitting way to end this entry, but that rarely ever happens. Therefore, this is the last sentence, but I'm not going to end it with a period because that would break the pattern~

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