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Slightly More Definite Dates

August 25th through September 2nd are when I'm currently looking to visit Dyno. Our original plans were for just one week, but the trip there is at least fifteen hours on it's own (something tells me they don't account for delays related to crossing the border), and the trip back is eighteen, so I decided to add one more day before and after to accommodate traveling time :x Hopefully those links work too, but if not, let's just say it's a long way.

Also, sometime next week I have to take the way home I was considering just before fall turned into winter this year, because the bus station is not where I expected it to be. I was thinking it would just be the one over by the Downtown Chatham Centre, but apparently there's another one out at 545 Grand Ave East that I'll have to see about locating, then visiting some time after that to get the ticket(s). Getting them by mail is still an option too, but I'd rather not have to pay then wait for a week or so. The one question that still remains with the whole trip is whether or not I'd be allowed to bring my backpack on board the bus or not, but thinking a bit further, if I'm going for a week, I'll need more than just an extra shirt and pair of pants, so I could have my laptop bag filled with vital items (passport, money, laptop (if the purpose of the bag wasn't a giveaway), birth certificate, or other forms of ID just in case) to bring on the bus with me, and have my backpack or one of the small suitcases that might still be laying around here packed with clothes and assorted toiletries to have checked underneath the bus. Simply put, I want anything worth $50 or more to be within reach at all times.

Still on the topic of long trips, while the walk home may not have been the cause of it, my PSP is no longer able to read UMDs. The drive spins up and down fine, and if you hold the entire PSP up to your ear you can hear the lens / laser moving back and forth, but nothing happens. Not that that's a huge problem, because I haven't played any of my actual games in some time, sticking instead to listening to music, as well as playing Cave Story and PSPRevolution. Anyways, before this entry ends up being terribly long too, most of the rest is going into a cut.

I never said the title of the cut would be short though ^^;

[1] The first thing mentioned is split into two parts, and part 1 has to do with something Steve and Manoah were talking about last night. They were getting quite aggravated over how Earl, Sheila, or other day / supper managers were constantly letting staff go home if it wasn't busy or the hours were out, even when there was still work to be done. The one good point they made is that they should keep those staff working if at all possible, because the more work that gets done during the day, the less there will be for us to do at night, and thus we can be out of there faster, saving a few hours. Of course, I wouldn't put it past any of the other managers to run a shift with just a manager and regular crew member working (it would be funny to see though), so some days them sending one or two employees home early would make more of a difference than us getting out of there earlier than normal would, but the point still stands.

I, however, decided to take the objective route, as I usually do in those sorts of situations (because it's interesting to see how they react when confronted with an opinion that differs from their own), and said that unless Shawn or Mike or somebody else told them to stop, they would continue to do it, because it makes them look good, or at least better. Is it not more considerate to put others first? I can't remember exactly what Steve and Manoah said to that, but it started with "Yeah, but...". Then they were also getting slightly angry over how there are certain staff there who never seem to do anything (Ange *coughs*), but I do agree with that for the most part.

The *other* thing is what Steve was saying about putting bean, steak, and chicken into hard taco shells. Mike has, from what Manoah told me, said himself that if a customer requests that, we are to place the hard shell on the rack, then scoop the hot item into it from there, so if any falls out, it lands on the rack instead of the steamer's skin. Steve, rather predictably, says he still won't do that, because it's a health and safety risk, and he was on the Health and Safety (and redundancy) board when he worked at Canadian Tire, and knows that should not be allowed. Yeah, Steve, I'm sure. No argument towards what you did at your previous job, but since when did they deal in fast food? As Manoah said to me privately after that though, he's done all he can now, so it's up to Steve to decide what he wants to do.

*My* opinion on the whole matter is as follows. First and foremost, bean is fine, but chicken and steak are not, for the same reason I feel we should not be switching the hard taco in box meals for a soft one. Our menu explicitly states, for chicken and steak tacos, that they are *soft* Nowhere does it say "Your choice of hard or soft shells". Likewise, for the box meals, the picture shows a hard taco, and while I haven't checked the back of the card to see what it says, there is no mention of "Substitute a soft shell for no extra charge!" Then again, by that logic, there shouldn't be a problem with it, but that isn't stated anywhere.

Also, I don't think whoever keeps track of our food usage cares about spilled bean, but to attempt to transfer a full scoop of either chicken or steak from the scoop to the shell would result in some being spilled. Customers would start complaining too if they saw the stuffer pick the spilled food out from bertha and place it back into the shell, so the most sensible solution would be to scoop up only, say, half of the regular amount, and while I can't speak for anybody else, when I'm on line, I don't like having to waste time by going back to grab more of whatever particular ingredient. Therefore, less chicken or steak in the taco will result in phone calls or in-store complaints. The obvious solution to that is, using myself as an example, being told to make sure a full scoop of meat is put into the taco shell, but there is one other reason I'd still say no to that.

Yesterday night when I went in, there was a new note on the board saying that all manager meal privileges had been suspended due to being out close to $1,000 worth of food (which, according to Earl, 97% of is cheddar cheese alone), and while that doesn't concern me (because I'm not a manager and also eat there maybe once a month anyways), I am at least going to try and contribute to getting things back to normal.

[2] The second thing starts with this. I found that site with StumbleUpon, and it looked interesting, so I scrolled down, reading each "mistake" as I went along, and eventually found that one, which really does sound like me, just without so much emphasis on the relationship part. With almost everybody I've called my friend in the past, I would eventually have this need to figure out how much I could push them before they said "That's it". Partly their faults? Yeah, but mostly mine, for being so damned sensitive and thinking everything is some sort of fun-poking attack against me, but I'm not going to get into that again. You might say that's the reason I'm extremely reluctant to have (platonic) relationships with anybody I really want to have as my friend. For example, Dyno made a couple comments a while back about how he was quite frustrated back when we first started talking, because it seemed as if I didn't even want to give anybody a chance to be my friend, but that's why. Also with Kumakehu, and his offer to listen if there was ever anything I wanted to talk about. I really did think about sending him an email on several occasions, but didn't, because I did not want to have to drag him into my problems. More or less my solution right now is to literally tell myself I am not allowed to feel that way, and not thinking nor saying any more about it. Sure, keeping stuff like that hidden will most likely cause problems down the road, but at this moment, if it ever came to the point where I couldn't keep something inside anymore, I have two alternate accounts on here, one of which already has one entry of that sort posted in it.

On the same sort of note though, I've recently (since about 4 in the afternoon) started wondering if the Seasonal Affective Disorder Kumakehu mentioned a while ago is really something I could "have". I used to not think so, especially given the results of that online test I posted in an entry a while back (the one where the text is all tiny and small and I used this userpic), but lately, I've had alot more energy and generally been in a better mood (as evidenced by the increasing length of my entries ^^;). Part of it is definitely attributable to having found a truly good friend in Dyno, but I also wonder if it has anything to do with the increased sunlight and warm weather we've had lately too... There actually is another way that shows itself, but it deserves it's own number, because it's part of a separate topic too.

[3] Even though I already said it about the walk, last night in it's entirety was completely awesome <3 Work was pretty slow, and I was put on front cash, which meant I needed a till, but Manoah was on line making orders, so I asked to borrow his keys, then counted off Cori's till, followed by putting my name on the new one and counting it again. After that, I scrubbed and mopped the floors, which I am really pleased with having done, because I did the whole thing myself, and it's one of those tasks that aren't that popular, and which will slow down the close significantly if they aren't completed by a specific time. Also, when I'm on front cash, I don't start cleaning the dining room until 10:00, because it takes me about an hour, mopping included, so I was able to use the extra time to take all the cardboard and garbage out which Manoah and Steve didn't seem to want to do because it was raining.

I already wrote about the walk home being fun, but after that was just as, well, I don't want to say "nice" because it sounds too bland, but was just *the* best way to end the night given the circumstances. Being able to talk with Dyno for a bit and put an issue that had risen earlier in the afternoon to rest, then jumping in the shower to get warm and clean again (I can see there being valid argument for rain getting you clean to a degree (especially with the amount of it I endured), but it's not the same as taking a shower), running down to the basement and tossing all my wet clothes into the washing machine, and coming back upstairs in time to have a good four hours left to rest and relax. The one slightly annoying part of the night was forgetting my tail and arm warmers on top of the dryer, which meant I had to run back down to the basement and grab them, lest somebody say "These are wet", and ruin them with the heat from the dryer, but still, it was quite amusing how I was out of breath after simply running downstairs, when I had just walked 10km home without problems. Sleeping was really nice too, even with the peculiar dream where I was looking at pictures of things I've only heard about thus far, and I did not wake up until about 4 in the afternoon. Well, there was one other annoying part with no good side to it which was trying to finish the puzzle I'm stuck at on Pic Pic, but it's only used as a way to make me tired enough to go to sleep.

There has been *one* day in the past (to my recollection anyways) where the same things happened, and I felt the same way after everything was said and done, where I was out delivering papers in the pouring rain and cold, then came home completely soaked, as with last night, had a shower, and used the rest of the night to just relax.

Unfortunately, days or nights like that are far and few between, but next time it's pouring rain out when I leave for work, see if I don't take at least an extra half hour getting home <3 "<3" doesn't even fully capture how thinking about last night makes me feel, but I cannot think of the proper emoticon or series of characters to evoke the emotions and thoughts that are coursing through my brain ^^

[4] The only other thing I can think of at this moment is this game, which I incidentally just played a song on then closed the tab and remembered why I navigated to in the first place :B One of the things it definitely has going for it (aside from accessibility) is actually counting all the notes in two, three, or even four (if there are any of those) note chords towards your combo, unlike Guitar Hero. Unfortunately, given that it's flash-based there's a bit of lag involved with it, that usually occurs at inopportune times (like in the middle of a solo), and will, in some particular cases, even cause you to fail the song. To counteract that, I tried setting firefox.exe's priority to High, but that only made it slightly less noticeable. Therefore, realtime would be next, but I'll leave that until I get frustrated enough with the game again.

Yes. Very long. It's 5:00 in the morning now, and I still need to have a shower before going to bed. Well, shower and shave, but I can do that in the shower, despite protesting from Adam and Naomi that that plugs the drain. I also need to fiddle around a bit with my settings on here again, because I changed the background for LJ-cuts earlier, which removed the custom favicon. That's a simple matter of adding the appropriate information to the "user-generated layer". If, however, I stay here to do that before having a shower, I'll end up going back to JamLegend or some other thing, and then it'll be 5:30, then 6:00, and I'll just end up saying "Screw it, I'm going to sleep", and I don't want that to happen~

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