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Karadur Inacu 

So Glad Steve Isn't Closing Tomorrow

Starting this entry off with complaints probably isn't the smartest idea, but I can't think of a subject to use for the only other thing I want to write about at the moment. First of all, when I had just started working tonight, he started going on about how all the headset batteries were dead, and how none of the customers were paying attention when we waved them up. Try again, Steve. I cannot even begin to calculate the odds that would see every single battery needing to be charged *only* when you're on drive through. It's not anybody else's job to keep glancing down at the display or window to see if somebody's waiting, and yet you get even more pissed off when customers drive through. Better yet, some random lady started getting angry with *me* tonight when I walked down there to tell her Steve would be just a minute, because he was taking an order at front cash. It's not my fault he isn't wearing a headset, and please, do wait. It really would make my night to hear you yell at him instead of me. That's the second thing though. I, as mentioned many times now, seem to be the only one there who doesn't mind the cold, but despite that, I don't get put on drive through that much, for reasons I like to think are along the lines of that I do a better job steaming / being on line. But even with it being as warm as it is now, the thoughts that seem to run through Steve's head when customers don't pull up to the window are "I'll wave them up one single time, and if they don't see that, it's their own fault". Next time I see Earl I definitely will be asking him "I've been working here alot longer than Steve has, so where non-managerial matters are concerned, do I have any amount of authority to tell him what to do?"

The other two things he did were telling another guy that was in drive through maybe ten minutes after I started that we didn't have enough beef for 40 tacos, which saw the customer ordering 20 instead. Honestly, it's the beginning of the night, and I have alot to take care of, including just tidying up line, so as long as there are no other orders, I don't care if they order, say, 50 tacos even. I do not want you lying about that stuff so early, because if that guy decides to call and complain today (Saturday), Earl or Sheila will ask "Who steamed last night?", thus it will become *my* fault. The second (or fourth) thing happened shortly before 2, where a couple drunk girls were offering to "expose themselves" for free food. Then one of them said she needed to use the bathroom, and also that she would give us large amounts of money if we let her come in the back to use ours (or some other made-up bribe), and what does Steve say to all of us? I know I'm not supposed to, but...". That has happened *one* (I seem to like words in asterisks in this entry) other time since I started working there, as a result of Josh's actions, and as I recall, he did get in trouble for that. Tim Hortons is not even five minutes down the street, and barring that, you're just going to have to hold it. Notwithstanding that it is great fun continuing to be indifferent and uninterested whenever drunk or "cute" (in the eyes of the other closers) girls come through, but the farthest that's gone is refusing to make free food despite protest from Steve or whoever's on drive through, or if I'm on it, giving the customer the order and closing the window while they're trying to look over my shoulder to check them out.

There was, however, one fun part of the night for me, where somebody was in the dining room having their order taken, and despite not being able to see them had a feeling that it was someone who knew me. To be perfectly honest, the first possibility that came to mind was (M/m)unedust, but they walked off to get their drinks before I was able to see, and next thing I can remember I was making a steak burrito and heard "That one's mine so make it really good", followed by a rush of irritation (customers I don't know who just randomly expect their food to be made better than normal can be annoying), then a thought of "I recognize that voice", then turning around to see Mel ^^; She made some odd comment about thinking the "back of that head" looked familiar, and I responded with an equally odd "It should. You've seen enough of it", then she went off to eat with the same little girl who said the rest of me needed to be tattooed white the second time I was there, and excitedly told me to have a good weekend before leaving. It was quite nice seeing her again though, especially because there aren't very many occasions where I see somebody there who I know outside of work.

As for things not related to Taco Bell, if there are any, they will be left until tomorrow afternoon, because it's almost 6:30 now, and I'm starting to get sick, so I'd like to get to sleep before my nose starts running any worse than it already is~

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