Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Getting Sick with Such Specific Timing

Would it not make more sense to get a cold or whatever I have right now during the *winter*? Apparently not, because it seems year after year I end up catching one from somebody else just as it's starting to get and stay warm out, which is an even worse part of it. Being sick during the winter is better, because walking around outside, it's quite cool, which has some positive effect that I haven't yet been able to pinpoint on your nose running. Throat feeling sore is another thing entirely, but thankfully I'm not at that point yet, but I remember last time, I was coughing so hard it was making my head hurt, and that wasn't fun. So just for no particular reason outside of interest, I predict right now that the other side of my nose will be running tomorrow (I could say "nostril", but that's slightly too specific), then on Monday, my throat will be sore and I won't be able to stop coughing. The good part about that is I only work 8 - 11 on Monday, and could quite easily start with scrubbing the floors then disappearing into the walk-in to rotate everything in there where it's nice and cold, which would help both for my nose and also that, even though it may not seem to be, doing everything related to cleaning the floors by yourself can be quite a demanding task.

Closing tonight went rather badly, in that I wasn't feeling well, and for 99% of the night would've been quite content to just curl up on the floor and go to sleep, but the orders wouldn't stop, and I scarcely had the energy to continue making them at a quick pace, let alone get other stuff done and cleaned up. What's more, the last of our beef was used up *before* 3, and there were still customers in drive through, which made George not want to have to tell everybody else we were out, but could give them chicken, steak, rice, etc. instead, so I ended up going down to the drive through to clear up what we were going to do for the remaining item on one guy's order, while Manoah told George he wasn't going to start taking any attitude, and when I came back, said I should know better. Ended up getting a ride home from George too, because I didn't think I'd be in any state to be walking. I sort of wish I had now, but meh. They were kind enough to give me Sunday off, but then I work for five more days straight, which is actually more than I just got done working. As for vacation pay, it turns out Manoah asked for his early, which is why I thought the rest of us were getting ours too, but no. Second week of June, which will still be in time for visiting Dyno.

On that note, I'm really not sure what's going on with the buses either. Searching for a Chatham to Green Bay round trip on Greyhound Canada's site gives me an error, but if I search for Chatham to Chicago, then Chicago to Green Bay, I'm given schedules with a two hour delay between arriving in and departing from Chicago. I plan on heading there sometime on Monday with printouts of those schedules to see if they change anything. If not, there are still options, but that doesn't change not really wanting to have to stay overnight in Chicago, almost entirely for wanting to keep the number of places where something could go wrong to a minimum. As for coming back home, the same would likely be true, but there's still a decent amount of time to sort things out. Manoah got to asking me about what I was going back to the states for as we were getting ready to close tonight too, but unless he gets curious enough to check my recent entries, he just knows I'm going to visit a friend I met at MFF.

Anyways, it's getting quite early in the morning again, and once again, there's one other thing I need to do here before calling it a night, so yesh~

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