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PSP Frustrations

I don't want to go into detail right now, seeing as it'll take too long, but here's a point by point explanation of what's happened between me getting my PSP and right now.

  1. I bought the Giga Pack from EB Games. As the name would imply, it came with a 1GB memory card, and v2.00 of the firmware, which was something I wasn't too worried about at the time.
  2. After playing Lumines for a while, I had to admit to myself that it was getting boring, so I started looking into homebrew and such for the PSP. It was then that I found the 2.00 -> 1.50 downgrader created by MPH, and didn't hesistate to use that.
  3. A month or so after downgrading to 1.50, I upgraded to 2.00 again, as I didn't like how I couldn't set a custom wallpaper in the old firmware. Unfortunately, I didn't realize there was homebrew that would do just that.
  4. About a month and a half after that, I read something about the 2.60 firmware update, and after careful deliberation (read: stupidly convincing myself that I didn't really have much need for homebrew), upgraded.

As of right now, my PSP is running v2.60 of the firmware, and I'm regretting ever having upgraded to 2.00 after I'd downgraded the thing. Just a couple hours ago tonight, I ran across the following steps that someone had devised, that'd possibly allow to downgrade a PSP from firmware 2.60 to 2.00, or even 1.50. Here were the directions posted:

  1. Download wab version changer and install it like you would if you were using a 1.5 firmware IE place it in the /PSP/GAME/WAB folder etc
  2. Download and install the GTA Game save eboot loader
  3. Load up GTA, Load eboot loader game save and execute wab version changer, i've tried this on a 2.0 and the gta game eboot loader loads it.
  4. Select change to firmware 1.0 on wab version changer.
  5. let it reboot, goto system setting, system information and see whether the psp thinks it a 1.0
  6. Download 1.5 firmware and load like the old 2.0 - 1.5 downgrade.

It sounds like it'd work, right? Unfortunately, it doesn't. I can load the WAB Version Changer fine, but I take it once you select what firmware version you want to trick your PSP into thinking it's running, it's supposed to completely restart. However, seeing as the only current way to get homebrew working on 2.60 is through GTA:LCS, it just goes back to the eLoader menu. I was this close from actually sending Fanjita an email to see what he thought of it.

Even if it doesn't work, here's how I feel about things. This is actually something I heard from someone else, so you may have heard it before as well. No matter how well protected something is, or how much effort it's creators put into preventing misuse of whatever "it" is, there will always be a way around the protection. Simply put, if it works properly, it can be cracked. I'm confident that some day, I'm going to turn on the computer, load pspbrew.com, and see a new news post, detailing a downgrader for firmware 2.60. Either that, or someway to reflash the PSP with the appropriate firmware version. Even if it means bricking the thing first.

That'll be it for now though. I have a 4:30 to 8pm shift tomorrow, and I want to get at least 8 hours of sleep. BTW, having the internet back rocks :D

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