Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

These Shifts are So Strange

Perhaps still being somewhat sick plays a part in it, but it felt really weird going to work last night and walking home again what felt like all of an hour later. I did end up staying 'till about 11:15 to count Steve's till off because he was busy making orders, but other than that, took off right when I was scheduled to, despite them really still having alot of work to do. Before I even started, I made sure to double-check that I'd be on front cash, and after being told yes, said I would work on finishing rotating the walk-in and cleaning the floors in the meantime, but then went back to get changed and saw all the dishes that would need to be washed. Those should have been either Manoah or Steve's responsibility, technically, but Manoah called in, so they ended up somehow getting George to close, and figuring that having some of the dishes done might end up being more helpful to them than just making sure the floors are clean, asked Steve which he would prefer me to do, and thus spent about half an hour getting everything except the bus bins and other miscellany cleaned up, then went out to clean the dining room, and had just managed to catch everything up to the point of having almost the entire floor swept, when a couple guys and some older lady came in to order food. She just wanted one taco to go, but the other guys ended up ordering a box meal (and asking if they could switch the cheesy beefy melt for a crunchwrap (nice try)) which they ate in the dining room, and kindly left a mess all over the table they sat at, as well as on the floor underneath of it :s Knowing it the same will happen tonight too, but the first step is to see if Manoah shows up, because otherwise it's just me working 'till 11 and Orlando closing...

Outside of work, whether it be due to the medicine I took before leaving, or just being sick in general, everything... sounded so far away last night. My nose was, thankfully, running very little to not at all though, and is still in about the same place today, but by tomorrow it should be almost back to normal again, which is so appropriate. I start getting sick the night before I have a day off, and am sickest out of all those days then. The two days after that I work only three hour shifts, and then my schedule goes back to "normal" just as soon as I should be feeling better again. Well, it's not quite normal, because I still have another 8 to 11 and *5* to 11 coming up as well, and I'd really like to know what the point of these are (unless it's something to do with what Earl was saying about wanting me to be there one of the afternoons Mike drops by so he can see how I'm doing), because even though we're getting busier now, I'd much prefer closing to having to wake up at 2 or 3 in the afternoon and needing to get ready for work immediately.

Anyways, I'm not sure what else I wanted to write about today, aside from that where the Greyhound bus schedules and everything are concerned, we have one option worked out if I'm not able to find any other way of getting there by, say, June. It's going to happen one way or the other, and there are still two months to poke around before making any final decisions and buying tickets, so yeah :3 Other than that, I have about 40 minutes to use before going downstairs to wash the dishes, so I might as well post this and do something else~

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