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These Songs Seem So Old Now ^^;

Currently listening to the one called "Until the End of the World", which comes from the album "Harmonizer", created by Apoptygma Berzerk. It was Cola who "introduced" me to them on the way to London back in April of last year, and before we had even gotten there, I was humming along to the melody of a couple, so of course, upon getting back home (because I just couldn't ask him then for some reason), I asked who they were by, followed by finding a torrent of all their albums, then taking forever to rename all the songs and create playlists for the individual albums, but I've had them since, and the second song in this album was just running through my head, so now I'm listening to it ^^ Thinking some more though, these songs do have one more interesting memory attached to them aside from meeting Cola face to face for the first time. Last summer, when I finally decided to be a bit more ambitious with walking home, I had these songs on my PSP the first night I decided to take the route along McNaughton and Keil. There was what I can only describe as this really satisfying feeling of not knowing what I was getting myself into (in terms of distance), but going for it anyways, and it was also the first night I listened to this CD from beginning to end, which was cool as well <3

Now, unfortunately, that way home has just become standard. It's longer, yes, but there's nothing new or exciting about it. Such is the reason I'm quite pleased with the weather lately and looking forward to finding new ways home. Especially because the one that would see me walking the length of Michener has a Tim Hortons right across the street from that road :3 The only thing that's keeping me from getting out and exploring new streets right now though is rather amusing in it's own right. At least tonight, I ended up foregoing taking advantage of the nice weather and walking straight home to talk to Dyno for a bit before he went to bed. Not much else in the way of visiting yet, aside from more comments that it's going to be fun because we were both getting quite confused about litres and gallons earlier this afternoon :B Getting back on track though, Sunday night I had off and was sick anyways, then yesterday night I was done at 11, and both of them I ended up coming home in time to talk with both him and Granite on Skype. Not about anything in particular, and I'm still worried about possibly having said something to make Granite angry (involving in-game intelligence and not being able to find the right place), but I'll ask about that tomorrow. If you happen to have read this far in too, Dyno, I'm not blaming you for making me take shorter and shorter routes home from work either. It's just fun to notice the lengths I'll go to to be able to chat ^^

On an unrelated topic, an overturned plastic picture frame on the front chest caught my attention for what is definitely not the first time. It has a picture of Cloudy in it, and Cloudy is a rabbit we used to have as a pet. Along with the picture though, there was a folded piece of paper slipped in behind it, which I shrugged off every single other time I looked at the thing, thinking it had just been put there by accident. Tonight curiosity got the better of me though, so here is what I found. The next image in that gallery is the actual picture, just for reference, but it's really amazing. That piece of paper has been tucked in there untouched for *twelve* years. The age is even further shown by Mom referring to herself as "Mommy", and I also notice "Dad" and / or "Daddy" is oddly absent, but he doesn't care for Tabby, Smokey, or "Fox" ("Litticat" is my spelling of her proper name, which is supposed to sound like "Little Cat", but everybody else just says the two words separately...), so perhaps the same was true with Cloudy. Anyways, I'm sure there was also a picture of Dickens (a dog we used to have) on the front chest at some point, so I'll have to search around for it tomorrow and see if there's anything similar included, but to the best of my memory, we had to give him away for some reason or another, so there wouldn't have been as much need to write down what we liked about him. Also on the randomness note, I need to take a picture of the space between our house and that of our neighbors, because Dyno has asked a couple times how close their house is to ours, and I'd much rather show him in a picture instead of trying to guess at distance X3

First of all, I was put on line tonight, which wasn't a problem on it's own. I was expecting to be on front cash same as with last night, and it would've made much more sense considering something Manoah told me while I was sweeping, but I'll get to that in a bit. It was quite busy for the first solid hour, to be frank, but I kept trying to get orders out as quickly as possible because I had being done at 11 to look forward to. A good portion of my effort went to waste though, because Earl made the decision to have me be done at midnight instead of 11, without phoning or even just asking Manoah to see if I would, and considering how the night went, I would've, but I'm going to have at least one thing to clear up with him assuming we work together on that 5 - 11 shift I have coming.

The second complaint is, literally, regarding two things I apparently did wrong. On both Friday and Saturday night, two different customers had their orders under-portioned, so they phoned the next day to talk to a manager, and were able to convince them that it had been me steaming. Honestly, I probably was, but it's really amazing how much more customers seem to know *after* they've been wronged in some way. Anyways, the one specific thing Manoah told me was that the diameter of the one guy's chili cheese burrito was less than that of one's thumb, which means I must have been under-portioning. Umm, yeah. If I had not done so on Saturday night, we would have run out of food long before quarter-to. I do not have the same excuse for Friday night, unfortunately, but wasn't told specifically what was wrong then. As such though, Manoah is supposed to be getting me to do things other than steaming on the closes I work with him from now until some unspecified point in the future, and if it continues to happen after that, I will, in Sheila's own words (according to Manoah, that is), "be suspended for two weeks so I can sit at home and think about what I've done wrong". Which is more wrong in this case? Giving every single customer the appropriate weight in ingredients on their food so we can run out faster, or try to go easy so we will have enough to last us to close? Before anybody even says it, yeah, the correct choice would be to make sure we have enough food so that we don't run out, and honestly, if that's what it takes to satisfy them, I will. If we're not getting yelled at about running out of food we're getting yelled at about not closing quickly enough, and if neither of those they find something else to fuss about, so just... screw it. I'll admit I am a bit afraid of being suspended, but far more than that I'm getting sick and tired of them being impossible to please, and I might as well do what I can to make it so that they're the only ones complaining instead of both them and the customers.

While Sheila is still on my mind though, she and Manoah were apparently talking about Steve as well, and his refusal to put those specific hot ingredients into hard shells, and he sounds to be alot closer to being in trouble than I am. That's not my place to say anything about right now though, so in the meantime, one other thing related to food portions. We're out quite alot of food right now, which Mike isn't happy about, and when he's not happy, Earl and Sheila aren't either, which means everybody else is going to be given attitude somewhere along the line too. In attempt to correct the problem though, we've all been told to go easy on the cheddar cheese, but there's this sort of unspoken "As well as everything else if you can manage it". Seriously though, screw that too. Of our two options there, going easy on everything is going to slowly correct the problem, but that requires all shifts to take part in it. The other choice is to just portion ingredients as normal, and let Earl / Mike / whoever's higher than him find some way to fix the problem that I would hope they have in place. Seriously. Start that End World Hunger thing again. The fine print on the cards said only 25 cents or so out of every dollar donated was going to the charity, so let the rest of the money go towards fixing our food costs.

The next thing is just tonight not having gone well in the first place. I was on line by myself for 4 hours, the worst of which saw one nine-minute order, but that's mostly because a bunch of customers came into the dining room and placed four of five orders all at once. The thing is, in that 4 hours, I made ~$750 worth of food by myself, and also managed to bag both hot line, as well as the ingredients on cold line and putting a garbage bag underneath them, as well as prepping up a tray of sour cream, and sweeping the entire floor so Orlando could scrub it, which quite obviously did not get done last night. The best part of it, however, was not the busyness, but at ~11:30, when the orders finally stopped for several minutes and I went out to the dining room to ask for Manoah's keys so I could see how busy we had been. Where did I find him? Outside having a smoke, talking with Ange and some friend of hers. One of these days I'm just going to lose it with her, even if she's not working (which is something I've been saying for a while, I know). Earlier in the night, before I had clocked in, she had her *dog* in the back of the store, quite possibly right up by the fryers because Manoah was doing something at front cash while I was bagging pans and he turned around and gasped, whereupon I heard Ange laugh.

The whole night wasn't very good, but I had a nice walk home, and don't have to be in until 9 tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that. Even moreso if I didn't have to work, but that won't be the case until Friday ;_;

Anyways, as fun as writing these sorts of entries is, it's also 6:30 in the morning now, which has been happening an increasing amount lately. Perhaps 7 will become the new 6 for a little while, but not until I get an email from Michele saying I can take the rest of the summer off, and that won't be until about June. I do have this week off, incidentally, but that's for entirely different reasons, and given that I'm mostly feeling better now, I would go in tomorrow, but Dyno also said he would be online so we could chat and he can send me some Oblivion mods he has that I want, and having to go somewhere would inhibit that :x That's a good enough reason to get to sleep on it's own though. Today I was out 'till 4 (out as in "asleep"), but tomorrow I would like to be awake at 3 or so. At any rate, I'm off to bed~

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