Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

We're *Not* Getting Into This Again...

Sheila worked 'till 9 last night, and she does tonight as well. Topics of conversation while I was waiting for my shift to start include her telling stories to all the staff about how she's quite possibly stronger than anybody else in the store (yet can't lift boxes in the walk in to save her life for some reason...), and is the epitome of the kind but violently protective mother type, in that in all past cases where something's happened to any of her daughters, or even to Josh, she was there to make sure whoever was responsible would *never* let it happen again. As I said to Manoah and whoever else was listening after she left, I had enough of her in about half an hour to last me an entire week, but it gets better. I was, quite frankly, expecting her to ask me to step into the hallway so she could tell me for herself what Manoah did last night about underporitioning, and eventually she did say she had something to ask / say, but what would it be? They're going away for another trip on the 12th of December, and want to know if I can watch their dogs again. Nooooo. Not even for $200 if she were to make that offer. I'm quite happy with the way my internal clock is working right now, and see no need to screw it up again, especially when my birthday is on the 13th. Thankfully, I told her "I'm not completely sure, but I *probably* could", so I have between now and whenever she asks next to figure out a nice way of saying "No, and this is why". Her logic for why I would be good watching them a second time is that "they know me", but seriously, no. They might still *recognize* me, but in her own words, I haven't been over there in a dog's age (pun not intended, but it would be funny).

Some time after she left though, I told Manoah I was surprised that she hadn't said anything about Friday or Saturday night to me. His response? She won't, because she wants me to watch her dogs. Honestly, I suppose that does have some logic to it, but now I'm even more curious what's going to happen when she ends up asking again and I tell her no. In more interesting news, after George left last night, the topic of conversation between Manoah and I shifted from talking about what Sheila had said to why I don't talk to Josh, or anybody else I used to know in high school (because that would involve social networking sites and random classmates / friends of friends effectively saying "OMG I KNOW U". From there though, it somehow went to the couple other things I have in mind for changing the way I look, and he actually gave me a better idea about something I already had in mind. Although the one problem with it would be the black headband for my ears, but meh. Perhaps I'll have to ask him more about it tonight and see if anything else happens :3

Other than that, I also learned that Ange has said something about me at least once that isn't true, and really is not her business to be talking about anyways (that I went to McGregor for the last year of high school), and also that some friend of hers going by the name of Mel knows me. I *really*, really hope that she isn't the same Mel from Underground Tattoos, but then again, if it was Ange would have known that I was planning to get a tattoo and of what well before I actually did. Also, in terms of things not directly related to me, next time Mike is down Steve is being called in so he can tell Mike exactly what he's told Earl and Sheila about putting bean and whatnot in hard shells.

Anyways, there's something I need to try here to make sure it works properly, and after that I'm either going to play a game or see about finding some supper, so this is done~

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